Ways to Hack WhatApp Account, How to Protect WhatsApp from Being Hacked?

After reading some tutorials, or something like that how to hack WhatsApp account, are you afraid that someone can easily snoop into your account and spy on all your conversations? Well, looking after your privacy is a good thing but you do not have to become paranoid. So, how to protect WhatsApp from being hacked? Spying conversations WhatsApp is not impossible since in theory all computer systems can be violated, but fortunately the situation is not so desperate.

Ways to Hack WhatApp Account, How to Protect WhatsApp from Being Hacked?

With the latest encryption developments, WhatsApp conversations have become much more difficult to intercept than before, and it has become almost impossible to reach them without having access to the victim’s phone. This means that with just a little caution, by properly setting your own smartphone and avoiding connections to public Wi-Fi networks, you can be quiet. You want to know more ? Okay, so keep reading. I will explain the main techniques used by cybercriminals to hack a WhatsApp account and the best way to defend yourself.

Caution: spying on other people’s conversations is a crime punishable by law. This tutorial has been written solely for the purpose of illustration, so I am not responsible for the use you make of the information given here.

WhatsApp Protection Systems

To find out which are the main techniques used by criminals to hack WhatsApp , we must first understand how the application works and what its protection systems are.

WhatsApp uses what is known as an end-to-end encryption system that allows only the sender and legal recipient to read the content of conversations: information is transmitted encrypted from the sender’s phone to the WhatsApp servers, in order to reach the recipient’s telephone, always in encrypted form.

This technology is based on a pair of related keys: one is public, the other is private. The public key is shared with your own party and provides outgoing encrypted messages while the private key is located on each user’s phone, and decrypts incoming messages.

To be more precise, this end-to-end system is called TextSecure. It is open source code and was developed by the company Open Whisper System which announced its collaboration with the famous messaging service in November 2014.

That means from before, WhatsApp did not use the same protection. The application used an encryption system based on the RC4 algorithm that worked only for outgoing messages (from the sender’s phone to the servers of the service) and that is much easier to attack for anyone who wants to hack.

Tests by Heise security company in April 2015 showed that end-to-end encryption was not adopted at the same time on all versions of WhatsApp. During this period, it was only used on Android systems while software from other platforms still used the RC4 algorithm.

Moral of the story ? WhatsApp should now be pretty reliable, the end-to-end encryption system prevents malicious people from getting our conversations through activities like wireless networking (which is the network monitoring to which the smartphone is connected). But unfortunately, there are some unknown factors that we must take into account.

First of all, WhatsApp is a closed software so we can not thoroughly examine its source code and we can not even know if end-to-end encryption has been fully implemented. Currently, it should run on all major mobile platforms, but pending more specific testing, we can not be totally sure of the inviolability of the application.

Moreover, there are some other techniques, less complex than the lighting of the wireless network but currently more powerful which allow you to “spy” WhatsApp and against which we must be on our guard.

Let’s now look at some of the most popular techniques:

1. Spyware

Another danger you need to be aware of spywares usually invisible to the user, which are able to hijack WhatsApp account, capturing screenshots and sending other information to a third party .

There are many different types of spyware software: some are highly professional (you have to buy them) and are naturally designed to spy on users. Others are available for free and have the official function of being a parental control tool or tool in case you lose your phone or if you have it stolen. But they can be diverted and used as fully functional spy tools.

How you can protect yourself from being hacked?

To be on safer edge from then installation of any kind of spyware on your phone, the attacker must have “physical” access to the device, so all the advice I’ve given you before is still valid (starting with set a secure PIN)

In addition, you can take a look at the list of applications installed on your smartphone. If you notice a dubious application, get rid of it right away.

  • If you have an Android phone : go to Settings > Applications and press All to see all the applications installed on your phone
  • If you have an iPhone: go to Settings > General > Storage and use iCloud > Manage storage to see all applications installed on your device

Unfortunately, as I have already told you, in most cases the software is invisible to the user. This means that a spyware could be installed without appearing in the aforementioned list.

If you are in this situation and you are sure that your phone is remote controlled, the only solution that works is to format your device and reinstall everything from the beginning.

Here I will recommend a great software


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MSpy is definitely the bestseller by now. A very good value for money in addition to a decent amount of features – which covers a wide range of chat services and social networks. And good support on site – it’s easy to understand why they are so popular. The easy-to-use dashboard is a big plus. Also look for their version without Jailbreak .

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An older program that went through a complete makeover – it quickly becomes very popular. They added to the advanced features and it offers a real alternative to the other two. It’s worth taking a look at it.

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2, Hacker the web version of WhatsApp

You know WhatsApp Web does not it? This is an online service that allows you to use WhatsApp from your computer without having to install specific software. I also talked about this in my tutorial about WhatsApp for PC.

WhatsApp Web can back up the identity of the user so that after the first use, you no longer need to log in. This works even if the smartphone and PC are not connected to the same wireless network (the phone should just be connected to any Wi-Fi or mobile network like 3G or LTE).

These “clues” make you quickly understand that any malicious user could find an excuse to take or borrow your phone, use it to access WhatsApp Web on his computer (they just need to scan the QR code with the device photo) and start spying on your messages without letting you know.

How to protect yourself  to avoid these types of threats, do not initially lend or give your smartphone to strangers (or people you do not trust). Second, from time to time, check WhatsApp Web Active sessions on your account.

If you do not know how to do it, simply launch WhatsApp and press Settings > WhatsApp Web. If you notice a suspicious open session on WhatsApp Web, go to Disconnect from all computers (then Log out ) to cancel permission for all PCs connected to WhatsApp Web with your account.

By following the steps above, you will eliminate any possible spyware that will then scan the QR code again with your smartphone to access your conversations.

3. WhatsApp Hacking using MAC spoofing

This is the most strategic way that hackers use to hack WhatsApp is to mac spoof the phone.


A ranger could successfully install WhatsApp on his smartphone and access your account without encountering obstacles (avoiding all system checks during the operation) simply by hiding the MAC address of his smartphone.

A MAC address is, in fact, a string of numbers that identifies devices that can connect to the Internet one by one. WhatsApp uses it with phone numbers to verify the identity of all users.

Ways to Hack WhatApp Account, How to Protect WhatsApp from Being Hacked?

Now if a person with more than average computer knowledge manages to get your smartphone and find its MAC address (which you can access in the Info menu of any operating system), it can then use different applications (like BusyBox and Mac Address Ghost on Android ) to hide its own MAC address and make it pass for yours.

At this point, the aforementioned “ranger” may install a copy of WhatsApp on his phone, activate it using your phone number (with an SMS with a verification code transferred to your device) and use the service in pretending to be you, with full access to your conversations.

How to protect yourself – as we talked about, cloning a MAC address is not something that is complicated to achieve in itself (you simply need average computer knowledge to do it). However, to succeed in its attempted piracy, the prowler must have “physical” access to the smartphone of the victim, and have a little time.

The best ways to avoid this type of risk are those that use a bit of common sense: use a security code and disable the on- screen SMS previews on your smartphone (making it impossible to check the verification code WhatsApp potential without having to unlock your phone).

To set up a security code on your phone that is safe (difficult to guess), follow these very simple instructions.

  • If you have an Android phone, go to Settings > Security > Lock screen and go to PIN to set a digital PIN or go to Model if you want to define a model.
  • If you have an iPhone: go to Settings > Touch ID and code and select Change code

Here are instructions to disable the SMS previews on the lock screen.

  • If you have an Android phone, go to Settings> Security> Lock screen and set your code or model. After that, hide any sensitive content from your lock screen and everything is good.
  • If you have an iPhone, go to Settings> Notifications> Messages and uncheck the box ” Show on the lock screen “

What if a person with lighter computer skills tries to activate a new copy of WhatsApp using your mobile phone number? Without pre-cloning your MAC address, it turns out to be unnecessary.

Indeed, WhatsApp lets you only link a phone number with only one smartphone at a time. This means that the legitimate owner can fully recover his identity simply by reactivating WhatsApp on his smartphone. The spy’s phone automatically loses access. That’s all the ways to hack WhatApp account and How to Protect WhatsApp from Being Hacked precautions. Hope this will work for you.


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