WAEnhancer9 (iOS 9)

PAID : 1.50$ for 24H then will be 2.50$Supports WhatsApp ( latest versions ) Support iPhone Support iPad ( fully native screen ) [ not FullForce ] Supports ONLY iOS9 the most wanted features for WhatsApp ever PAYMENTS: ========= – go to WhatsApp settings and follow the instructions SETTINGS: ========= – tweak settings now placed inside WhatsApp settings FEATURES: ========= * Upgrade: disabled checking for update * Jailbreak detection: disabled whatsapp jailbreak detection * IPAD Support: built most of WhatsApp codes to make it compatible with IPAD native UI * SendAnyFile: implemented the awesome send any file from WASendAny9 tweak * Send Large Video/Image/Media: now with the new options Send Media as Files you will be able to sending Videos over 80mb or Images with full resolutions quality * Schedule Messages: create new schedule system inside WhatsApp applications ( enabled by default ) which allow you schedule messages to be sent later [ tweak will notify you for each schedule to send the messages ] * Lock chats: enable it from settings and to lock chats you will see an options inside WhatsApp settings allow you adding user to lock his/her chat ( also it hide the profile picture of this user once it’s locked ) * Send Music: send downloaded music or synced music with your contacts easily * Send last taken image: send the last taken/captured image directly from the chat page * Send Stickers: enabled the hidden native WhatsApp stickers option ( but it may fail to send stickers due to server side activation ) * Quote messages: enabled the hidden whatsapp quote messages option * Forward Messages: it allow you to forward one or more messages at once ( to users or groups ) [ supports all messages types – Images – Videos – Media – Documents ] * Call chooser: you can choose between normal calls or whatsapp calls [ useful for countries which block whatsapp calls ] * Unlimited Images: send unlimited images at once * Delete BC: delete all your broadcasts at once ( with a simple click ) * disable reminders: you can now disable your notifications without getting the annoying whatsapp enable notification reminders * Change Contacts Picture: you can now also changing WhatsApp contacts images ( available under WhatsApp settings ) * remove call button: hide/remove call button useful for users located in countries which block Whatsapp calls * Tap to record: tired from keeping hold your finger on the mic icon to send voice message ( this option will help you a lot ) * camera button: remove/hide camera button from the chat bar to avoid opening it by mistake * Freeze your last seen: you will find it as Hide last seen option * disable read mark: it disable the blue read mark to appeared on your contact device * follow/observe: follow contacts activities / status [changing picture/status] [read your message/typing etc] set the requests people inside the follow menu inside whatsapp settings [ all notifications can be sent while the app in the background also support to replay through the new Whatsapp native quick reply feature] * Customizations: 1- custom messages font 2- custom messages color [ outgoing and incoming ] 3- custom bubble color [ outgoing and incoming ] 4- custom links color 5- top bar colors [ text and background ] 6- bottom bar colors [ text – icons – background ] FEATURES REQUESTS: ==================== if you need new features just contact me through my website : imokhles.com or follow me on twitter

See larger Screenshots below..

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