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Using Whatsapp Web through Whatsapp QR code

Whatsapp QR Code

Not long ago, the popular chatting mobile application took the curtains off its new pave to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction. The popular messaging application has evolved itself commendably and had almost 70 million active monthly users in India alone. The primary reason behind this bond is the way ‘tech junkies’ at Whatsapp use their creative brains to deliver excellence in form of creativity and coding both.

What was the new introduction for Whatsapp users?

The best thing that keeps users attached with Whatsapp is its skill to introduce new features after regular intervals. They started with simple messaging application and today the application supports video calling as well. A major introduction has been the use of application on dekstop with the help of QR Codes. This has made things really easy and accessible. Now you no longer need to remain stuck to your phone for sending messages on whatsapp. This opens up just as any other chat application on the dekstop browser!

Whatsapp avails desktop access through Whatsapp QR Code

For its desktop version, WhatsApp took the initiative to provide a secure experience for its users. The popular messaging app introduced the web portal named WhatsApp Web to identify and authenticate the user while accessing chats and messages through a desktop.

The integration has taken over the traditional methods and assure more security and ease of experience for the app-users. If you still haven’t started using this, here are the steps that you need to follow in order to have a hustle free experience.

  • First, you need to go the website
  • Once you reach the page, you’ll notice a frequently changing Whatsapp QR code (almost after every few seconds)
  • Now open WhatsApp on your phone and click on the ‘More’ option (three vertical dots on the top right corner). In the drop-down menu, you’ll find the option, ‘Whatsapp Web’.
  • Upon clicking the option, you get a new screen. Here you’ll have to tap on the ‘+’ mark on the top right corner. Tapping this will open the Whastapp QR code scanner.
  • With the help of this scanner, you’ll have to scan the QR code present on your desktop screen. Upon completing this successfully, you’ll be done with the authentication process and will be able to access your chats on a desktop.


Before signing off there’s one thing which we need to mention, and that’s the splendid contribution QR codes are doing these days. They have marked their presence everywhere in public and private sectors. The mass attraction towards these 2D codes indeed proves their viability and benefits that follow, making people accept them.

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