Using Two WhatsApp or Snapchat accounts on same phone

Most handsets launched these days carry multiple SIM card slots. While creating an account for using WhatsApp, SnapChat or WeChat, you’re asked to verify the phone number. When the number has been verified, you can start using the app. Sometimes, you may want to log into the app with a different ID, but you may now be able to do so because of the below reasons:

  • Some apps use your phone’s IMEI number or MAC address to distinguish you from other users. For 2 SIM cards, there will two IMEI numbers, but MAC address will be one.
  • During its installation, the Android, Windows or iPhone app will create a folder or database for saving user data. When it finds that a DB or folder has already been created, the app will display users profile. If the data is not there, applications will ask the user to set up this account.

How to have two Snapchat or WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile phone?

If you’ve two WhatsApp or Snapchat accounts, you can easily use both the accounts on the same phone with the free parallel space utility for Android.

parallel space app for two whatsapp, snapchat accounts on same phone

Parallel space by Team BLE is one of the simplest and smallest apps that you’ll come across.

When you’ll install it, the app will display a brief information of its features.

Once you go through the information, Parallel space will display a 3 x 3 grid UI and a button.

The grid will be updated when the user adds an app by clicking on the button. For example, if I want to use two SnapChat or WhatsApp accounts on my phone, I’ll add these two applications to the grid aka parallel space.

To create access or create a new account on the same phone, click on the app’s icon from the grid.

Conclusion: Parallel Space is one of the simplest apps I’ve used. Though it is small and lightweight application, this utility is very much useful. Along with apps, you can also add games to the parallel space. Thus, if you’ve two Clash of Clans accounts, you can use both accounts at the same time.

PS supports Android M, N , ICS and Jelly Bean OS. You cannot use it on Android Ginger Bread OS running handset.


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