Useful Shortcuts for Mobily Users in Saudi Arabia

According to a report published by Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) of Saudi Arabia, the total number of mobile subscribers in Saudi Arabia till the beginning of 2015 was 53 million. Considering the population of Saudi Arabia (31 million) the ratio of mobile usage is around 171%. There are 3 major mobile operators in Saudi Arabia and Mobily is one of them. According to the Mobily website, they have a market share of 40% in Saudi Arabia’s cellular market. 40% means around 20 million Mobily subscribers. It is a huge number, isn’t it? Today, we shall be educating these 20 million Mobily customers about some frequently used but important Mobily shortcuts.

Customer Care: Dial 1100 from your mobile number and then follow instructions

Check Remaining Balance: To check remaining balance of Mobily, Dial *1411# to check remaining balance of Mobily main account

Check Remaining Data (Internet Balance): To check remaining data or internet balance of Mobily Account, Dial *1422# to check remaining balance of Mobily data or internet account

Transfer Credit / Balance: If someone in your friends or family members is running short of credit, you can even transfer your credit or balance to them. Dial *123*mobile number*amount# to transfer balance

Missed Call Notification: Don’t worry about the calls you have missed while your cell was off or out of reach. Now you can subscribe to the Missed Call Notification in Mobily. If you want to activate missed call notifications in Mobily, dial *62*143#. If you want to deactivate missed call notifications in Mobily, dial *62#.

Call Blocking Service: If someone is annoying you, you can activate call blocking service in Mobily and shut the doors for him. This service costs SR 15 per month. To activate call blocking service in Mobily, write “Rahati” in an SMS and send it to 1100.

Block a Number: After activating call blocking service in Mobily, you will have to send an SMS to block that number who is annoying you. Send SMS with Block054xxxxxxx and send it to 1100 to block a number in Mobily.

Unblock a Number: To unblock a number on Mobily which is already blocked by you by following the procedure mentioned above, you will have to send another SMS. Send SMS with Unblock054xxxxxxx and send it to 1100 to unblock a number.

Getting Mobile Bill through Email: You can get your mobile phone bill of Mobily on your email address.  To get e-bill of Mobily on your email, send a message to 1100 writing [email protected]

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