Use WhatsApp Web On Firefox

A little over a month ago, WhatsApp surprised everyone by launching WhatsApp Web. As you likely know by now, the web version allows you view and send messages right from your desktop.

WhatsApp Web works as long as your smartphone is connected to the internet, which means that you need keep your smartphone connected even after setting up WhatsApp Web.

Whatsapp web on Firefox and opera

Up until now, WhatsApp Web was available only on the Chrome browser, forcing many users install Google Chrome on their PCs.

WhatsApp Web on Firefox and Opera

If you are not a fan of Chrome browser and waiting for the availability of WhatsApp Web on other desktop browsers, this is the day you were waiting for. WhatsApp today announced that WhatsApp Web can be experienced on Mozilla Firefox and Opera users.

As you likely know, WhatsApp Web is not available for iPhone users yet. Which means, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia S60, Nokia S40 and Windows Phone users can use WhatsApp Web feature for now.

As with the case of Chrome browser, you’ll need to launch the web version of WhatsApp and then scan the QR code with your smartphone to log in.

If in case, you are not sure how to start using WhatsApp on Firefox and Opera browser, here is how to make it happen.

Setting up WhatsApp Web on Firefox And Opera

Step 1: Launch Firefox on your computer. Make sure that you’re running the latest version of Firefox by navigating to Help, About Firefox and then clicking Check for updates.

Step 2: Next, visit in your Firefox or Opera browser to see the QR code.

Step 3: Using your phone, scan the QR code appearing in your Firefox browser and automatically log into WhatsApp Web. To read the QR code, you just need point the camera of your phone to the code appearing on your PC’s screen.

As you likely know, WhatsApp app on your phone includes a QR code scanner. On Windows Phone, after launching WhatsApp web, you need tap the three dots, and then tap whatsapp web to start the QR code reader.

And if you can’t locate the QR code scanner, it’s likely because you’re not running the latest version.

WhatsApp Web is not yet available on Internet Explorer.

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