Use WhatsApp Messenger to Send and Receive Message (SMS) for Free!

Do you want to send and receive message, pictures, audio notes and video messages at no cost? WhatsApp Messenger can do it for you! WhatsApp Messenger is a cross platform messenger that works on various types of phone such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia Phones. It’s different with other messengers that required you to log in/out, add usernames, pins, etc. WhatsApps Messenger works with your phone number, just like SMS would.

WhatsApp Messenger only uses your internet connection such as 3G/EDGE or Wifi to send and receive messages. This not be a problem since iPhone, Android, nokia and Blackberry owner usually subscribed to internet connection services. As long as your mobile connected to internet services, you can send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes and video messages for need to pay standard SMS cost.

WhatsApp Messenger to Send and Receive Messages for Free

WhatsApp Messenger really different with other messengers because it works with phone number You don’t need to log in/out, add friends username, add friends PIN, etc. It’s integrated with your contacts. once you and your friend download this app, you can send millions of messages, images, videos, voice notes for free.

WhatsApp Messenger also supports offline message. It means when you out of internet connection, WhatsApp Messenger will save all of the messages, and you can read later when you’re on internet connection again.

It also has additional features such as share your locations, exchange contacts, broadcast messages and MMS to many contact at once, etc.

WhatsApp Messenger can be installed on iPhone, Android, Nokia and Blackberry. For Nokia and Android owner, this is a good news for you..i’ve spied on WhatsApp Messenger and found that you can download and install WhatsApp Messenger for free. You can use it freely for 1 Year services.

To get your WhatsApp Messenger now, you can visit this link below:

WhatsApp Messenger For Nokia Phone (Free for 1 year usage!)


WhatsApp Messenger For Android (Free for 1 year usage!)

After WhatsApp Messenger installed on your phone, you can send and receive messages, images, videos, voice notes, etc as much as you want with no cost.

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