Desktop version of the popular WhatsApp app is finally available for Windows operating system. Millions of WhatsApp users who regularly work on computer are excited about the new official desktop app.

While the desktop app offers great experience unlike the Web version, the catch is that your smartphone must be connected to the internet in order to send and receive messages on WhatsApp desktop app.

Uninstall whatsapp

In other words, you can’t send and receive from your PC unless your smartphone is connected to the internet. In short, in order to send a message from your PC, you need to connect your smartphone to the internet as well.

Many users who have installed WhatsApp desktop app on Windows are now uninstalling the app after realizing that the app is nothing but an optimized version of WhatsApp Web and can’t be used without having an active internet connection on smartphone.

If you’re also finding that WhatsApp desktop is not very useful, you can uninstall the same by following the instructions in one of the two methods given below.

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Method 1 of 2

Uninstall WhatsApp using Settings

Step 1: Open Settings app either by clicking its icon in the left-side of the Start menu or simultaneously pressing Windows logo and I keys.

Step 2: Once Settings app is launched, click System icon.

Step 3: Click Apps & Features to see all installed apps on Windows 10.

Step 4: Look the entry named WhatsApp and click on the same to reveal the Uninstall button.

Step 5: Click on the Uninstall button and then click Uninstall button again when you see the confirmation dialog to remove WhatsApp from your Windows 10 PC.

uninstall and remove whatsapp desktop app step2

Method 2 of 2

Remove WhatsApp using Control Panel

Step 1: Open Control Panel by typing Control Panel in Start menu or taskbar search box.

Step 2: Once the Control Panel is launched, change the View by to Small icons, and then click Programs and Features.

Step 3: Here, locate WhatsApp entry, right-click on it, and then click Uninstall option to remove WhatsApp from your Windows 10 PC. As simple as that!

uninstall and remove whatsapp desktop app step3

If you’re getting any error while uninstalling the app, please use CCleaner (free) software to get rid of the app.

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