Unable To Send Full Video On WhatsApp

As we known, WhatsApp does not allow to send a video more than 16MB, regardless of Android phones or iPhone, but recording videos with smartphone is very normal nowadays, and a full video with about 40 sec will be around 20 MB, so it is annoying that we can’t share or send a full video to families or friends on WhatsApp in most case



Then how to fix the issue of can’t send full video on WhatsApp?

If you don’t want to install any third-party plug-in board on your phone, you can try this simple way, only need an YouTube or other video Apps(with encryption) has installed on your phone:

The operation is simple :

  • 1. Send your video to the YouTube set encryption on the files.
  • 2. Retrieving the address (URL) of the video.
  • 3. Give this URL to your families or friends.
  • 4. Receiver click on this URL to watch the full video.

But if you don’t want any other person to watch your videos, although it can be encrypted. And cloud service is another choice for you. The principle is similar to the method above, also need to install a cloud service APP you want on your phone(such as Dropbox).

Take Dropbox as an example:

  1. Install and launch Dropbox on your phone, choose a full video on the APP, tap the drop-down and select “Share”, click on the “Copy link” on the pop-ups list.
  2. Open WhatsApp on your phone, find a friend you want to share the full video, paste and send the link to your families or friends.
  3. Receiver get your link and open it, he/she will download the full video to watch.

The advantage of cloud drive is it not only can send the large full videos on WhatApp, but also can share other files which is larger than 16MB. So we you will be suggested to use this method.

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