Ultimate Guide to recover deleted WhatsApp messages

Now a days WhatsApp is the heart of every Smartphone, every user who have Smartphone is using WhatsApp. Most of the time your Smartphone freezes due to application processes or due to hanging problem you have to reset your Smartphone, in this case your all apps restored to default. And your important chats and other important data deleted from your Smartphone. It’s really irritating. So, today in this article we will going to see how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages from your Smartphone.

Ultimate guide to recover deleted WhatsApp messages:

Recover deleted Whatsapp

The good news for all WhatsApp user:

WhatsApp is the very secured app and doesn’t save your chat history on any servers because it wants to keep your chats private, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t recover a messages you have accidentally deleted. WhatsApp makes regular backup which is stored on your SD card but restoring from those backups is really simple? No, because it completely freezes app if the database is very large.

There are two methods to restore messages. The first will restore your most recent backup, and the second is for recovering older messages.

To restore your most recent backup:

recover deleted whatsapp messages

However, You must have to keep these three things in your mind. One, your phone number must be same when you backed up your chat. Two, if you’ve deleted the backups, then you’re stuffed. And three, your backup can’t be ancient.

Ultimate guide to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android: restoring older backups

By older means days, not months: WhatsApp has a limitation to make backup of only last seven days. Anything older than last seven days is lost, and anything sent or received since the backup was made won’t be included either: restoring from the backup is a full restore and overwrites whatever is currently in the app.

First you have to create a manual backup to preserve your recent chats. You can do that using the app’s menu button, go to Settings > Chats and Calls > Back up Chats.

To restore:

Ultimate guide to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android: using Google Drive:

The process is much the same as it is for local backups:

You can use the Settings > Chats and Calls > Chat Backup area of the WhatsApp app to specify how often it should back up to Google Drive, which account(s) should be backed up and which network to use. Remember that you don’t have a permission to access backups made with one Google Account from a different Google Account.

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