Turn off Whatsapp group notifications without exiting them

Whatsapp is currently the most popular instant messaging smart phone app in the world. It has over 600 million daily active users and increasing. Recently they have launched a web version of their app which basically helps Whatsapp user to use the app on mobile and PC at the same time. You can read How to use Whatsapp on PC.

We all are part of a various Whatsapp group whether we like it or not and out of those groups there are certain ones we actually do not want to be a part of or receive any notifications. Exiting the group seems rude and awkward right? Well, there is a solution to that and it is seamlessly placed inside your Whatsaap application only, that feature is called muting the group. You can mute the group for either 8 hours, one week or one complete year using this feature and can also choose not to receive any notification in your notification panel. However, you can still read new messages coming to that group by visiting that group whenever you want.

How to mute a Whatsapp group on Android phone.

Open your Whatsapp application and go to the group you want to mute. When there, open the menu by touching the menu button on your respective phones and from the menu select ‘mute group’ as shown in the screenshot below.


As you’ll select the ‘mute group’ option a pop up will be shown to you as shown in the screenshot below and you can select for how long you want to mute that group. Don’t forget to uncheck the ‘stop notifications’ check box to stop receiving notifications. That’s all you’ll not receive any new notifications in your notification panel, but will receive all messages from that group that you can see anytime later using the Whatsapp app.


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