Turn off whatsapp group notification

Of course WhatsApp is a great chat application to get connected with friends and family. It offers encrypted secure chat with image and video file sharing and more. When Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 Feb, it had more than 417 million users all around the world. Oh my god..! Definitely the #1 instant messenger application in the world.

In Whatsapp messenger, users can make a chat conversations to individual users and with a group of people in a WhatsApp group. Most of the people are involved in any of the WhatsApp groups and get instant chat notifications when it arrives. But what’s irritating is.. when we are doing something important, phone keeps alerting or making notification tones continuously as the members in that group are discussing something. If you put your phone to silent mode, you may miss an important personnel chats and other calls. So here is the way to permanently mute or turn off WhatsApp group notification on Android and iPhone smartphones.

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Turn off whatsapp group notification on Android

Make sure you updated WhatsApp messenger application to latest version. If not, go to Google Play Store and update WhatsApp messenger first. Turning the group chat notification off is only available in the latest version. As i tested, i could turn off WhatsApp group notification on my XPERIA smartphone with WhatsApp version 2.11.476 for Android.

  • Open WhatsApp messenger and open “Settings”.
    turn off whatsapp group notification android
  • Now open “Notifications” and scroll down to the “GROUP NOTIFICATIONS”.
    turn off whatsapp group notification android
  • Tap on “Notification tone” option and choose “None” for NO notification tone.
  • Disable WhatsApp group chat vibration alert under the same “GROUP NOTIFICATIONS” settings.

By doing this. you completely disabled or turned off WhatsApp group chat notification alerts. This settings are applicable to all the groups you joined. So you will get no alert after getting an update in any groups. While whatsapp alerts you about other personnel chats with tones and vibrations.

Turn off whatsapp group notification on iPhone

Disabling WhatsApp group notifications in iPhone is almost same as in Android. Update WhatsApp application if you are running on an old version. Because latest version comes with group chat notification mute option.

  1. Open WhatsApp messenger
  2. Navigate to “Settings” > “Notifications” and..
  3. Scroll down to “GROUP NOTIFICATIONS” and turn off “Alerts”.

Now you disabled getting notifications from any of the groups you joined.

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