Tricks to be invisible in WhatsApp for Android

it Is true that with the instant messaging applications, users are maintained 24 hours a day connected and spend much time of your life by talking through them. However, sometimes it is annoying and even “you would like to be invisible”, to not know when you connect or when you don’t want to talk to anyone.

This is something that seems to “impossible” to achieve, as we have the double check and final connection, which sometimes is a negative thing. Do not worry that today we have come to save your day, you’re going to help to be invisible in WhatsApp for Android steps that are completely simple.

Steps that you must follow to be invisible in WhatsApp

Step 1 – Removes the last connection time

Eliminar la ultima conexion de WhatsApp

This is the first step that you have to do to become invisible, to be able to do that just to make a few very simple steps that turn off the last connection.

  • go to settings of the application.
  • Tap “Account”.
  • Select Privacy.
  • Press “time of last. Time.”
  • Select “Nobody.”

Having done the above steps, it is clear that no one will be able to see your last login and will not know that you will be active in the WhatsApp unless you’re in line. Something that you have to keep in mind is that we will not be able to see the last connection of other people, unless we change the option to “nobody.”

Step 2 – Disable the ticks blue

Desactivar la confirmacion de lectura en WhatsApp

This is an interesting feature of WhatsApp, because for many it is the worst invention in the world or the best, it is a matter of the occasion you are in. Though, you don’t have to worry, we can disable in a simple way which we will explain below.

  • Settings in WhatsApp.
  • Click on “Accounts”.
  • We turn to privacy.
  • Deactivate “Confirmation of reading”.

We have to take into account that by deactivating this option, we will not be able to see if the contacts they have read our messages.

Step 3 – Hide the profile photo

Cambiar quien puede ver la foto de perfil en WhatsApp

This is a step that goes beyond issues of privacy, this will make that only your contacts can see your profile photo, therefore, if you’re not registered to someone, you will not be able to see. However, this is the option that no one can see your profile photo.

  • we Return to the privacy settings as in the previous steps.
  • Click on the option “profile Picture”.
  • Here we decide who sees our profile picture and who is not, we will see 3 options, as is a personal matter which you choose, although if you want to be invisible, I recommend “no one”.

Step 4 – Show only the chulito message sent

Forzar detencion de WhatsApp

If you really want to be completely invisible and be missing in this application. This measure is something drastic that you can do and it is see a single chulito message sent (the message received is not what you see).

  • We will have to direct you to the settings of the mobile.
  • Search applications “WhatsApp”.
  • Force the application to quit.

once this is done, we cannot receive message or notifications of the application until the return to open, this also applies to users send us messages, they just will appear your sent message (only a single chulito).

With these tips you’ll be able to have the súperpoder be invisible in WhatsApp. Surely any of the steps as the wise and others do not. On the other hand, if you liked the post and want to know more about the application, we’ll let the 15 tricks you need to know about WhatsApp.

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