Top Most 6 Secret Whatsapp Tricks Which You Should Never Miss!

Top Most 6 Secret Whatsapp Tricks Which You Should Never Miss!

Hi friends, how’s you all? Hope you are doing good! Well, today I’m back with the best Whatsapp tricks which will thrill you and make you look like a geek before your friends, family! ?  I’ve already posted some WhatsApp tutorials on my site earlier, but today I wanna come up with some secret stuff which I didn’t share earlier! 

Fine, let me tell you something! Roughly 900 million + monthly active users are there in Whatsapp. So do you think that all these 900 million members know all the tricks and tips in the Whatsapp? Of course NO! ? Not all are geeks (experts) today. Most people are busy with chatting in the Whatsapp! ? So if you spend just a few mins of your time for reading this post, then you too will become a geek, and you’ll be somewhat special in your friends/family circle.

Well, so why wasting the time? Let me go to the matter directly! I’m sharing 6+ best Whatsapp Tricks here, but the problem is if I write all the tricks and tips in 1 single page then it looks lengthy and a bit odd to read. So that’s why I’ve decided to write each single Whatsapp trick in a single page! So I’m dividing the 6 secret Whatsapp tricks into 6 pages respectively, so please check all the 6 Pages in this post.

So let’s get started, here is the Trick 1,

1)Use 2 Whatsapp accounts on a single Android Device! (No root required)

Whatsapp, Whatsapp, Whatsapp !!!!!! This word sounds so great and loud right….yes OfffffffcOurse. I just wanna ask all you youngsters one single Question? Question? Question? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you ever get bored of using Whatsapp? ? But we all would be definitely expecting more from Whatsapp. Isn’t it right? Whatsapp doesn’t hear your voice but Whatsmap definitely does and here we show you how to use Dual Whatsapp accounts on a single Android Device.

People may afford dual phones, Dual Laptops, Dual Tablets, Dual Headset and Dual XXXX  :P, but they can’t afford to carry them all with Dual hands. People need a single smartphone with dual sim and same way single smartphone with Dual Whatsapp accounts. You can make it possible to install dual Whatsapp in a single smartphone by just using this awesome app Whatsmap. So lets start the cooking …


  1. Android Smartphone
  2. Internet connection
  3. A Little knowledge on Browsing.


  1. First you need to take a full backup of your data. (For safety)
  2. Once you are done with it, Have a download of our BEAUTY and install it on your smartphone.
  1. As you install you will have 2 Whatsapp accounts in a single smartphone as shown below.
  1. No need to worry about the directories bcoz a default directory is being created saying You can use ES File explorer as your default file manager. It works cool!
  2. Now open the new Whatsmap and sign in with your new number.
  3. That’s it. Your Item is ready to serve.

After cooking, your item looks like


So that’s it, guys! Now enjoy by having 2 Whatsapp accounts on 1 phone. ?

Please check Page 2 for the next trick!

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