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We at the Top 8 offices are massive fans of cross platform messenger WhatsApp, but people tend to forget that since the app is connected to your cellphone number, you can’t use it on your tablet or indeed on your Apple Watch. This isn’t too much of a problem for most, and there are a whole host of other messaging apps out there on these platforms should you want something that works across them all. We recently took the messaging apps available for the Apple Watch out for a test drive, so as to come up with some WhatsApp alternatives and perhaps ease any disappointment. The bad news is that none of these apps really compare to what WhatsApp has to offer, but they can work as a great way around the problem. At the risk of divulging spoilers, the list will run from Apple’s built in Messages app to Facebook’s recently released Messenger and everything inbetween, including secure messaging app Confide which is excellent for business related communication.

8. Messages (Free)

The Apple Messages app built into the Watch is your best place to start here, we’d say. As always, it does the job and without the frill that might be added by other messaging apps. There are some nice features that will interest users, such as the ability to simply raise your wrist when you receive a message to open it, then keep it up to keep the message open before lowering your wrist in order to close the message. It’s an intuitive enough app and might well be all that some users need, but if you’re looking for something more specific in your WhatsApp alternatives then check out our other entries below. – More Info on Apple

7. Pie (Free)


Pie boasts a relative simple interface when compared with other messaging apps, but it’s great when group chatting or working on things collaboratively – perhaps in a professional capacity. You can share ideas through chat, share photos and docs and sheets, and a whole lot more. There is no setup process which is part of what makes Pie one of the more painless messaging apps out there and a great option when looking at WhatsApp alternatives for the Apple Watch. It’s also a great way to organize your conversations and ensure that you keep things such as work talk and school talk separated. – Download from iTunes

6. Cord (Free)


Cord is one messaging app that I’ll admit to knowing of but not using before owning an Apple Watch, but I can say that it is one of the best messaging apps for Apple’s new wearable device. The great thing about it is that you can send and receive messages to everyone in your iPhone contacts, meaning that no Cord account

is required. A new message is greeted with a slick notification on your wrist, and it is possible to reply then instantly through the Watch itself. Cord works as an excellent alternative to WhatsApp and even to Facebook Messenger if you’d prefer to use something slightly different.  – Download from iTunes

5. LINE (Free)

LINE is another excellent general communication app that is however somewhat overlooked among western audiences, I’ve noticed. With LINE and WeChat, we’re getting th best communication apps from the East right now and I’m of the opinion that users should be thankful for this. LINE on the iPhone is a relatively versatile app that allows you to keep in touch with friends and family via messaging, voice calls and video calls. Of course, most of this functionality is removed with the Apple Watch companion app from LINE, but it still allows you to do a few useful things. You can check messages onyour wrist and reply with stickers, and even send photos which is great for those who would rather use pictures rather than words. One of the few drawbacks here is that you can’t actually read messages again, for LINE on the Apple Watch is dedicated to unread messages. This means that you have to whip out your iPhone if you want to double check things. – Download from iTunes


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