Top 8 Hidden Features From Snapchat You Should Know

Aside from using a long and complex password, you should probably make sure that no-one else breaks into your Snapchat account by taking additional safety measures.

Tap the little ghost at the top of your Snapchat app to access the main menu. Then tap “Login Verification” to set up another layer of security using the two-step-verification. Setting up Snapchat on another device will require a verification code that is sent to your number via SMS.

How to change the name of a Snapchat contact

The names of your Snapchat contacts are actually editable. This comes in handy when you want to apply a certain nickname to a contact for clarity purposes. Go to your chat view and tap the menu button at the top left of the screen. Then tap “Edit name” to change the display name of the respective contact.

Snapchat is relatively restrictive when it comes to adding text to your snaps. You might want to add more text than you can fit on an image, what now? Well, using our little trick you’ll be able to add multiple, extra lines of text to a snap and indulge to your heart’s delight, or until the space runs out.

Here’s how to reduce Snapchat’s data usage while you are out and about. By default, Snapchat fetches the snaps of your friends even while you are not using the app, causing mobile traffic that counts towards your data allowance.

To quickly add new people to your Snapchat friend list, you can use the location services of your iPhone. Use the “Add Nearby” feature in the “Add Friends” screen and you should be able to add anyone nearby, even if you don’t own his or her contact information. This is a great option to hook up with new people in a fun and quick way!

How to add color to your Snapchats

Add a new emoticon by tapping the icon that is shaped like a piece of paper in the top row. Then resize your emoji using the pinch to zoom gesture until they are really, really huge. Move them (using a single finger) to the sides of your image and voila, there goes your fancy color filter. Pretty cool, right?

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