Top 5 Best Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator App. (WhatsApp Status)

Do you love to prank with your friends and family with Whatsapp? Then here I will provide you with the name of some apps that will generate fake Whatsapp chat


WhatsApp is an amazing platform for instant messaging where you can do many things hand to hand with chatting such as you can give your Whatsapp status, video calls, voice calls and share anything with your friends and family. And you may also get to know that WhatsApp is also one of the platforms through which you can play pranks on your friends and make them look like fools. Here you will get to know some fake WhatsApp chat generator app.

With the advancement of technology, people like to develop various apps which will help you to perform various fake pranks with your family and friends so that you can make fun of them. So there are also some WhatsApp fake message generator apps available and which will help you to create fake messages that will fool your friends.

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List of Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator App:

Here is the list of fake WhatsApp chat generator app that will help you to make prank messages to your friends. The list is as follows with some details of the app.

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1. WhatsFake:

Download WhatsFake

This app is available on Google Play Store and if you want to make fool out of your friends then this a perfect app for you. First, you have to install it on your Phone and then it will help in generating exactly the original app. It is one of the most popular apps among the young generations so that they can make pranks with their friends. Only you have to keep in mind that you have to use it for making pranks and jokes but don’t try to hurt anyone’s feelings.

2. Yazzy:

Download Yazzy

Yazzy is another app which you can use to create fake Whatsapp account. It can also be used for fake twitter and facebook accounts. It is the oldest app that creates fake chats for messengers. The user will be a fan of this app because it creates very real chats like WhatsApp.  It is very fun in use and shares this chats with your friends or in a group to make fool out of them. So this is a must try apps for fooling others. It is actually a very useful app to fool your friends.

3. Fake Chat Stimulator:

Download Fake Chat Stimulator

It helps others to create a fake chat for fooling them and making fun of your friends. With it, you can generate chats exactly like WhatsApp which will trap your friends to get pranked. It will allow you to know the delivery time of the message you have sent. Creating fake chats is really easy with this application only you have to open the app and it will show you fake number. And then you can send messages to your friends through this app and enjoy fooling them.

4. Using WhatsApp Zap Zap:

Download Zap Zap

The three apps that are given above are for all the users with Android devices and this application is for the iPhone users. With this app, you can make fake WhatsApp chats on your iPhone. It creates the screen shot exactly as like the original WhatsApp messenger. So you can use this app easily on your IOS device and play a prank with your family or friends.

5. Fake Chat Conversation:

Download Fake Chat Conversation

It is a free Android application and with it, you can create fake chats or fake WhatsApp audio. And then share it with the group of Whatsapp friends to fool them. The interface of this app is exactly like the official WhatsApp interface. Fake WhatsApp wallpaper is also being easily set in this application. Only you have to take the screenshot of fake Whatsapp chat and then share it with your friends for making the prank more funnier. First, you have to download it then tap on the + sign to create fake WhatsApp chats and then share.


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