Top 5 Apps to Hide Text Messages

Hide Text Messages

You must have watched Modern Family, right? In one episode, Claire “accidentally” opened Alex’s phone and saw a message from a boy, then she got worried and made Haley talk to Alex…things got messed up and embarrassed at the end, especially for Alex. You may find the whole story very funny on the show, but image this, what if you were Alex?

The thing is, it is not rare in our real life when we run into Alex’s situation. We all get some private messages we do not like to share, yet they can be discovered by our snoopy parents or annoying boyfriend or girlfriend somehow. Is there a way to hide our text messages into some places where only you can get into?

Actually, quite lot applications are provided for you to protect your privacy. In the following, I have collected five popular apps for you to hide text messages for you Android or iPhone.

Vault – Hide SMS, Pics & Videos (Android)


Vault – Hide SMS, Pics & Videos is a very popular free app to hide text messages for Android users. It is designed to hide not only private SMS, but also contacts and images, videos on your phone. All of these need to be accessed via the password. You can make Vault icon disappear from your home screen and be found again with password, so no one knows it exists.

Secrets (Android)


Secrets is also a highly-rated app. It is very similar to Vault because you can hide pictures and videos besides text messages. The difference is, no icon or launcher icon will appear after the installation of the app. It can be activated by dialing a special access number and after inserting a pin code authentication.

Hide SMS (Android)

Hide SMS

As the name indicates, Hide SMS is just for hiding text messages. To hide SMS, you can easily press the message and move it to the hidden box. Your incoming messages will all go directly into your vault so that there is no need to worry about the sudden notifications. When you receive a new message, you’ll see a discrete message in your notification saying that message is updated.

CoverMe (iPhone)

Cover Me

CoverMe is the multi-functional secure messaging app, it creates an impenetrable vault to protect your personal contacts, call logs, messages, documents, notes and private photos, videos, etc. CoverMe allows you full messaging control, you will immediately know when the recipient has read your messages and you can recall messages. The CoverMe Vault ensures your messages stay hidden and private. Without the password, your privacy is 100% safe even when you lose your iPhone.

iDiscrete (iPhone)


iDiscrete is another handy application for iPhone that makes your private messages and conversations hidden from anyone searching through your iPhone. Rather than requiring a suspicious looking password or PIN to enter the app, iDiscrete uses its patented Touch Sequence Protection. To be specific, iDiscrete will provide a fake “Loading” screen. A serious of taps in the correct places will open up the app, otherwise it will not open. In this way, the functionality of this app will not give away.

Apart from all these apps we mentioned above, there are also other tools for you to hide your secret SMS, such as Message Locker, Go SMS Pro, Hi App Lock, etc. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, you have the quite a lot options.

How to hide text messages

Take Vault as an example, here is the tutorial to hide your text messages.

step 1Download and launch Vault – Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

Download, install this message hiding app from Google Play store, open the app.

Run Vault

step 2Create PIN

To hide your SMS messages, you need to set up a new PIN. Enter three to fifteen digits and tap OK. Type the PIN again to confirm.

step 3Hide text messages

You can either import messages to make them private or enable the Messenger plug-in so that private messages don’t show up in your default SMS app or notification bar.

Hide Text Messages

If you have some important photos or pictues that you do not want to show other, then you can hide photos.

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