Top 11 Hike Messenger Apps Features You Should Know About!

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Now a days we are not use text message service or you can say SMS (Sort message service) due to some awesome mobile apps like whatsapp, hike, BBM, wechat, SnapChat, Viber, Line and many more. We are more friendly with chat messenger apps because they have such a great features like send images, recording, calling and text messages too. Earlier I have written about how to use whatsapp web and now today i want to discuss something about Hike messenger apps.

Feeling the competitors from the new growing texting applications and the current opponents like Whatsapp, wechat and BBM, Hike has combined out new functions for its app to carry out difference and entice more customers. Hike messenger apps has over 35 mn customers last season. But there is more to Hike than just  texting, Here is a look at more: Let me show some great features of hike messenger apps.

Big File Transfers:

Hike allows customers to share document in any structure such as a ZIP, MP3, MP4, documents, ppts and much more up to a 100 MB each computer file. This exceeds the restrict of most popular mail customers. This type of share option is not available in Whatsapp or wechat

Hike Messenger Apps Big File Transfer

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Express your emotions with Stickers

Writing on a smart phone is not the most enjoyable experience, to create texting more fun, Hike has presented stickers through which users can deliver some wonderful, significant and fun stickers to buddies at the tap of a hand and express him or her emotions through that stickers

Hike messenger Stickers

Voice Calling:

The newest addition to the hike features was the VoIP calling over 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi across 200 countries. These phone calls are enhanced to take very little information data, providing its customers more calling minutes per MB of data. Because, somethings are best said in your speech.

Hike Messenger Voice Call


If you’re on the move and can’t type, the new upgrade of Increase Walkie-talkie will allow customers to deliver voice messages. The new function is included near the deliver message button. To use this feature you needs to tap on the symbol and speak and the symbol changes returning to a message symbol as soon as one begins writing. You can say that this is same as the Whatsapp recording message feature.

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Localized Stickers:

Another well-known feature of Hike is its localized stickers. India being a different nation has many people who have began using the mobile-Internet for the first-time and hence, there comes a large language-input hurdle. Hike’s localized stickers not only assist people create discussions more significant, but also cut across language and social limitations.

hike stickers

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Privacy & Last Seen

While other messenger apps like whatsapp already has the last seen feature, not to reduce the chance, Hike has also presented this features in its app. Though, most think that this is a large breach of privacy, so Hike has presented  a new & enhanced edition of Last Seen where only the chosen friends can see the last accessibility to the user on hike. To use this feature you don’t need to modify any privacy configurations just select a list of buddies within hike a.k.a Group of Friends whom they want to visibility their last exposure on the app.

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500 people group chats:

We’ve also observed that in India we really like to discuss to a lot of people at once; we’re extremely social that way. We lately declared the release of Group chat with up to 500 member in one group wherein you can deliver information discuss wealthy media and much more. Only Hike Messenger apps provide 500 members in one group.

500 People Group Chats

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Hike Offline

Hike let’s its user message even those buddies who don’t have a smart phone or an non-active Internet access. This feature is very highly effective in a market like India, where people turn off their mobile data to save money or battery power or are just in a bad system area. With this feature, users can continue chatting with their buddies even when they are off-line. Users can fall back to SMS to proceed the chat with their buddies from within hike itself. This can be achieved in two ways:

1. International (including India): Users can fall back to Frequent SMS and deliver the undelivered concept from their number with operators rates used on it.

2. Indian only: Users can drop returning to Hike2SMS and deliver the undelivered concept without charge.

Chat Theme:-

Hike is also provide you to set your different chat themes with different friends. To activate this features you need to follow this process

1) Click on your friend with whom you want to chat 2) Go to option button. You can see chat theme options there

Hike messenger Chat theme

3) Select your chat theme

Hike Chat theme

Hidden Mode:

Discussing of social variations, in Indian, it is rather common for people to share mobile phones or surf through one another’s mobile phones, messages and images. We understand that texting is a very personal affair, be it with your best friends or special friends. Basis this understanding, we built Invisible mode in Hike that lets you cover up your personal conversations and access them only with the right password. This guarantees our customers feel safe when having their personal discussions on Hike.

Favorites (Last Seen):

Hike gives its user complete management on the Last seen, Online position and Status Update settings, so that they can select to share preferred information with their Favorite Contacts

Hike messenger Last seen

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