Top 100 Best WhatsApp Tips, Tricks Hacks

WhatsApp has become the most popular instant messaging app. For majority, it’s even the most-used app among all the apps installed in their smartphone. Hundreds of people are joining WhatsApp daily. You might be using WhatsApp from years but what’s gonna differentiate you

from those new WhatsApp users? Do you know any cool WhatsApp trick or hack which can prove you an experienced WhatsApp user?

If your answer is NO then for the sake of the years of experience that you have with WhatsApp we ask you to learn some cool WhatsApp tips, tricks and hacks which will not only stand you out of the crowd but also make WhatsApp more useful and interesting than before.

Here we are sharing 100+ WhatsApp Tips, Tricks and WhatsApp Hacks which you can learn right now to instantly become a WhatsApp power user and amaze your friends with cool WhatsApp secrets that they might not know.

Latest WhatsApp Tips, Tricks and Hacks

All the WhatsApp tricks and hacks we are providing here are cross-checked with latest version of WhatsApp. So, don’t worry about compatibility or validity. Just bookmark this article to keep it as reference because we know it will be quite hard for you to instantly learn all 100 Latest WhatsApp tricks from here in just one read.

Table of Contents

Being a list of Top 100 WhatsApp Tricks, the article is quite long. So, we have provided this Table of Contents from which, you can view all the WhatsApp Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Secrets quickly and navigate to them instantly just by clicking any of the links below:

  1. Use Bold, Italics or Strikethrough in WhatsApp Chat
  2. Type WhatsApp Message in New Font
  3. Make Your WhatsApp Status and Chat Stylish
  4. Use WhatsApp Without Any Phone Number
  5. Download WhatsApp APK on PC
  6. Using WhatsApp on PC without Smartphone
  7. Add WhatsApp Chat Heads
  8. Hide WhatsApp Media from Gallery
  9. Get Statistical Insight for your WhatsApp
  10. Get your WhatsApp Statistics
  11. Know Whom You Chat The Most
  12. Add Chat Shortcut to Home
  13. Bookmark Important WhatsApp Messages
  14. Export All Your WhatsApp Contacts in PC
  15. Download WhatsApp Photos to Dropbox
  16. Send Public Message (in Bulk) Privately
  17. Search Something in WhatsApp Chat
  18. Hide Certain WhatsApp Chats
  19. Use Image of Any Dimension for WhatsApp
  20. Email WhatsApp Chat(s) to Anyone
  21. Print WhatsApp Chat
  22. Lock Your WhatsApp
  23. Hide WhatsApp in Smartphone
  24. Automatically Hide/Lock WhatsApp
  25. Hide Notification Preview of WhatsApp Messages
  26. The End-to-End Encryption. What is it?
  27. Get Rid of Annoying Security Notifications
  28. Send Money using WhatsApp
  29. Send/Receive Recharges in WhatsApp
  30. Save Money Using WhatsApp
  31. Add WhatsApp Message Dates in Your Calendar
  32. Quote Any WhatsApp Message
  33. Integrate Wikipedia to WhatsApp
  34. Save Mobile Data Usage on WhatsApp
  35. Make Unlimited Free Voice Calls
  36. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chats
  37. Send Animated Photos in WhatsApp
  38. Send Big Emojis / Smileys in WhatsApp
  39. Send different WhatsApp Smileys
  40. Secret / Special Smileys for WhatsApp
  41. Access WhatsApp via Desktop
  42. Copy/Paste Someone Else WhatsApp Status
  43. Send Blank Message in WhatsApp
  44. Prank/Hang/Crash Friend’s WhatsApp
  45. Corrupt a WhatsApp Group Permanently
  46. Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Chats
  47. Leave No traces of WhatsApp Hacking
  48. WhatsApp Profile Photo Prank
  49. Change Friend’s WhatsApp Profile Photo and Status
  50. Save a WhatsApp User’s Profile Photo
  51. Change WhatsApp Chat Background Wallpaper
  52. Send Your Location
  53. Shift WhatsApp from Internal to External Memory
  54. Send Large Files & Unsupported in WhatsApp
  55. Send Any File using WhatsApp Only
  56. Record and Send Vines using WhatsApp
  57. Use Multiple WhatsApp Account in Same Phone
  58. Use Single WhatsApp Account in Two Smartphones
  59. Different Photo Different Thumb
  60. Create Fake WhatsApp Chat
  61. Record WhatsApp Calls
  62. Leave Voice Message on WhatsApp Call Rejection
  63. Listen to WhatsApp Voice Message like a Call
  64. Spy on WhatsApp Calls
  65. Forward Message to Multiple Contacts At Once
  66. Backup & Restore WhatsApp Chats
  67. Move WhatsApp Chat from One Phone to Another
  68. Know When and Who have Read your WhatsApp Message
  69. Hide Profile Photo and Status from Unwanted People
  70. Schedule Messages on WhatsApp
  71. Mark as Unread
  72. Chat in Different Language
  73. Auto Delete All Chat from a WhatsApp Group
  74. Clear All WhatsApp Messages Automatically
  75. Auto Delete Junk Photos from WhatsApp
  76. Get Rid of Annoying WhatsApp Users
  77. Know if Someone’s Online Without Reading His Message
  78. Find Details About Unknown Person on WhatsApp
  79. Want to confirm if someone really blocked you on WhatsApp?
  80. Hide Last Seen and Blue Tick
  81. Get Alert When A Contact Comes Online
  82. ByPass Blue Tick: WhatsApp Read Receipt Hack
  83. Don’t Let Annoying People Disturb You on WhatsApp
  84. Reply without opening WhatsApp
  85. Reply without changing Last Seen
  86. Set Custom notification LED or Tune
  87. Tag/Mention a person in WhatsApp Group
  88. Change Your WhatsApp Number
  89. Talk to Yourself on WhatsApp
  90. Create a Dairy/Notepad in WhatsApp
  91. Message A Person Even if He/She Has Blocked You
  92. Unblock Yourself in WhatsApp
  93. Hack a Friend’s WhatsApp Chat
  94. Use WhatsApp Without Internet
  95. Receive WhatsApp Notification on Desktop
  96. Install and Use WhatsApp on Tablets and iPad
  97. Get WhatsApp Early Updates
  98. Enjoy WhatsApp Video Calling Feature
  99. Uncrowded and Better WhatsApp Alternative
  100. Remove Your WhatsApp Account

Disclaimer – All the WhatsApp Tips and Tricks we are providing through this article are for educational purpose only. Neither we nor WhatsApp (or any other app/service) will be responsible for any inappropriate use of these tricks.

The above index can help you quickly navigate to any WhatsApp trick of your choice and read it in detail but if you’re planning to become smartest WhatsApp user by learning all the tricks provided here, you can learn all of them by reading them in detail below.

Whenever you feel like going back to Table of Contents just click on the Table of Contents link provided below each trick. Enjoy! Go ahead!

Type WhatsApp Message in Bold Italics or

Do you know you can style your WhatsApp text messages with Bold, Italics and Strike-through styling? These special text-formatting will allow you to highlight certain words inside your message and hence help you to deliver your message better.

  • BOLD – To add bold formatting, enclose words or sentences inside asterisk ( * ) symbol.
  • Italics – To add italics formatting, enclose words or sentences inside underscore ( _ ) symbol.
  • Strikethrough – To add  formatting, enclose words or sentences inside tilde ( ~ ) symbol.

NOTE – Don’t put white-space just after or before * or  _ or ~ because then it will not apply text formatting.

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Type WhatsApp Message in New Font

WhatsApp allow one different font that you can use which writing text message. It’s not much different but yeah, it can somewhat highlight the important texts inside your message. And, being used with above text formatting, it can stand out from regular text very well. To use new WhatsApp font, just add three grave accent (`) symbols just before and after the intended text.

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Make Your WhatsApp Status and Messages Stylish

WhatsApp officially provides only the above mentioned formatting options but it supports lots of ASCII characters which is the reason why people can easily send WhatsApp messages in different language (for ex., Hindi). The ASCII compatibility in WhatsApp will allow you to send even stylish messages or set them as your WhatsApp status.

Create stylish text using a good stylish text generator online  and you can use it in your WhatsApp to make your WhatsApp chat messages and status stylish. Copy any stylish text and paste it in your WhatsApp message/status to use it.

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Use WhatsApp Without Any Phone Number

Yes, you heard it correct. You can use WhatsApp without any phone number both on your smart phone and tablet with the workarounds I am providing below:

Method #1 – Use Spare Number

One simple method is to use your alternative or landline to receive text verification, enter it to verify your WhatsApp. Now, you don’t need that SIM card or phone number anymore for WhatsApp purposes.

Method #2 – Use Anonymous Phone Number

There are a lot of websites online which provide free phone numbers for account verification purpose. For example, Such sites are used by thousands of people to verify phone number for different accounts verification. If you are lucky, you’ll be able to find a number for which no one has verified WhatsApp account and you can use it for your own benefit.

Method #3 – By Spoofing Messages

  • Download WhatsApp (.apk) file from Google Play using APK downloader and Install a good spoof messages app (for ex, Spoof My Text) in your smart phone.
  • Now, turn your FLIGHT MODE ON and start installing WhatsApp. It will stop at verification because of no active internet connection and prompt to choose alternate SMS verification.
  • Now choose check through SMS and enter you email address. As the verification process starts, stop it by clicking on Cancel and instantly enter these details to your message spoofing app:

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Download WhatsApp APK on PC

Do you need to have WhatsApp (.apk) App setup to install it in any device without downloading? Well, you can fetch WhatsApp APK file by copying WhatsApp Google Play Link and pasting it in APK Downloader which will let you download APK file of WhatsApp on PC. Then you can use this APK to install WhatsApp offline anytime.

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Using WhatsApp on PC without Smartphone

If you don’t have a smartphone but you need to stay in contact with friends on WhatsApp then you can install WhatsApp on PC. To do this, download a good Android emulator for PC like Bluestacks or Andy, install WhatsApp on them using WhatsApp APK file and enjoy using it through fast PC internet.

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WhatsApp Chat Head

Chat Heads inside Facebook Messenger are one of the most loving features from which users can read, quickly reply to a message without opening the messenger app. Sadly the feature is not available in WhatsApp by default but there are two apps available in play store which run alongside WhatsApp and provide chat heads for your WhatsApp chats.

You can add WhatsApp Chat Heads using any of these free Android apps:

  1. Dashdow What App
  2. Seebye Chat Heads

Both these apps show WhatsApp messages in Chat Heads. Dashdow What App only allows you to read WhatsApp chats while Seebye Chat Heads allow you to both read and reply.

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Hide WhatsApp Media From Gallery

Unlike other multimedia files, WhatsApp Photos and Videos can be private. So, having them available to view at Gallery is not a good idea for everyone. If you are someone who wants to automatically hide WhatsApp photos & videos from Gallery then:

  • For iPhone users – Disable WhatsApp access to Photos app by navigating to Settings >> Privacy >> Photos and switch off WhatsApp access.
  • For Android users – Add a period/dot (.) before WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp Videos folder names available inside your Phone’s internal and external storage by navigating through a File Manager app. So, rename WhatsApp Images folder name with .WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp Videos folder name with .WhatsApp Videos and no content from these folder will be visible on your phone’s gallery.

Android – Alternatively, you can also create a .nomedia empty file inside any folder to block a folder’s multimedia from appearing in Gallery.

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Get Statistical Insight for your WhatsApp

Do you use WhatsApp all the time? Curious who texts you the most? Do you want to know whether that crush is actually interested in you? Get insight in your relations and get to know who starts the most conversations, which days you are the most active and at what time you have sent the most messages using WhatStat.

Knowing this statistics, you can plan smarter tactics to become more attentive to your crush or avoid Boss’ PJ when he comes online. Gotcha? ?

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Get your WhatsApp Statistics

Navigate to Settings >> Data Usage >> Network Usage and here, you can see the exact number of messages and multimedia you have sent/received in numbers and in bytes. You can also see statistics on number of WhatsApp call you have made or received, bytes consumed, etc.

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Know Whom You Chat The Most

A friend in need is a friend indeed. So, if you want to know your best friend on WhatsApp who is available always to help you and solve your problem, make you feel better and laugh with you. Then you can know this on iPhone by navigating to Settings >> Account >> Storage Usage. Here, you will see the list of contacts whom you have chatted. Tap any contact and you can see how much messages you have send/received and how much data your conversation with that person consumed till now.

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Add Chat Shortcut to Home

You can add chat shortcut of your favorite group or person at your home screen so that you will not need to scroll down to WhatsApp app in app drawer, unlock it and search your favorite chat on WhatsApp to have chat with them. Adding chat shortcut on home screen will allow you to quickly chat with them without doing these repetitive task.

To do this, inside WhatsApp Chats, long press your favorite group or person chat, tap the 3 vertical dots (menu button) on the top-right corner of your WhatsApp and tap ‘Add chat shortcut‘. It will add your favorite chat’s chat-head on home screen from where, you are inside the chat page with a single tap.

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Search Something in WhatsApp Chat

Do you want to read any important message from a chat again for which you remember only few words? Well, using these few words, you can search your entire WhatsApp conversation with anyone or in group to locate the intended message. To do this, just tap Search from WhatsApp options menu in Chat windows and it will show a field where you can put a word to find it in WhatsApp chat.

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Bookmark Important Messages

We chat a lot on WhatsApp. These chats includes normal, casual, funny talks to some important ones too. When in need of those important messages, people either scroll all the way up to that message or search it by using some random words that they might remember. Both the methods are time-consuming and inefficient when WhatsApp allows you to bookmark your chats.

Yes, you can bookmark important messages from your WhatsApp chat to quickly read them when in need. To do this, select WhatsApp messages which you want to bookmark and then tap the star button appearing on the header.

These bookmark messages can be accessed at Starred Messages section available inside WhatsApp menu from the main WhatsApp screen. « Back to Table of Contents

Export All Your WhatsApp Contacts In PC

You have WhatsApp contact in your smartphone which is synced with your phone’s contact list but if you want to export all your WhatsApp contacts quickly on PC, then there is a bookmarklet developed by Amit Agarwal which will allow you to download/export all your WhatsApp contacts from in CSV format which includes profile picture, name and phone number of all your WhatsApp contact.

Download the bookmarklet and know how to use it here

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Download WhatsApp Photos via Dropbox

Do you want to automatically download and save WhatsApp Images securely in your Dropbox? If yes, then you can do this by syncing your WhatsApp media folder to a Dropbox folder so that new WhatsApp media files will automatically be uploaded to your Dropbox folder.

You need to use Autosync Dropbox – Dropsync app to implement this workaround. Link it to your Dropbox and create a folder named WhatsApp on Dropbox with ‘Upload only rule’ so that only images will only be uploaded to this folder. Now, set an update interval of 5 minutes and at after every 5 minutes it will sync and upload new WhatsApp media to your Dropbox WhatsApp folder automatically.

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Send Public Message Privately

There is a lot of difference between inviting someone personally and posting a general invitation message in an WhatsApp group. Personal messages are far more respective and special but inviting each of your friends manually can take a lot of your time. Thanks to WhatsApp broadcast message feature which allow us to send a message to multiple friends at once but with the appearance that you messaged them personally.

To send a broadcast message on WhatsApp, tap the WhatsApp menu button from main WhatsApp screen and then tap New Broadcast. Here, you can select multiple contacts (upto 256 at a time) and type your invitation message which will be sent to each of them separately.

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Hide Certain WhatsApp Chats

Do you want to hide certain WhatsApp Chat from the main WhatsApp chat screen? Select those chat and from the WhatsApp and tap Archive button appear on the top-right corner of WhatsApp screen.They will hide inside ‘Archive Chats’ appears at the bottom of WhatsApp chat.

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Use Image of Any Dimension for WhatsApp

WhatsApp only allows to set square pics as WhatsApp profile pic. If the pic is not square, it will provide crop-box to crop it in square for WhatsApp. Sometimes, we just don’t want to crop the pic but the pic is in odd dimension. If you face this problem very frequently then you can install app like Insta Square which can create square pic out of your original photo without cropping or stretching.

It just fill the void around the photo with custom background, shade or blur effect, etc. which make your WhatsApp DP more attractive. Now, you can set this modified image as your WhatsApp profile photo.

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Email Your Favorite WhatsApp Chat

If you have run out of your smart internal memory and WhatsApp is slowing down due to some very long WhatsApp chats then you can simply email them with or without media to your email address and delete from your WhatsApp to free up some space. In this way you will not lose your WhatsApp chats too.

To do this, open any WhatsApp Chat from its menu, navigate to More >> Email chat. It will email currently open chat in .txt file format to any email address you specify.

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Print WhatsApp Chat

If you want to print your WhatsApp messages, you can either take a print out of the WhatsApp chat that you emailed yourself or you can take Screenshot of important WhatsApp chats by pressing power and volume down button in Android and then taking print-out of those screenshot images from phone.

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 Lock Your WhatsApp

WhatsApp contains sensitive chat messages and multimedia files that you don’t want anyone to read whenever they have your phone. So, simply put a lock on your WhatsApp using any good locker app.  One of my favorites are AppLock by DoMobile which can easily lock WhatsApp with the lock of your choice (pattern, number, password or finger-print lock).

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Hide WhatsApp

Instead of locking WhatsApp, if you prefer to even don’t show it in the app drawer at the first place then there are also few cool apps which can hide any app icon from app drawer. One of them is Hide App-Hide Application icon available to download for free. It can hide/unhide multiple apps from your App drawer and put it inside Hide App-Hide Application app with password lock protection.

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Automatically Hide/Lock WhatsApp

Do you have a fix interval in your daily schedule when you don’t have your phone or even worse, it is in someone else’s hand for the time being? If the time interval is quite the same daily then you can create small macro using apps like Repetitive Touch or BOT Maker to record the event of hiding/locking your WhatsApp and set it to automatically run at specific time interval. In this way, it will automatically lock/hide your WhatsApp.

You can also use the same procedure to turn of data-connection/wifi/gps etc. so that people cannot use your messaging apps to message someone when you are not around.

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Hide Notification Preview of WhatsApp Messages

Even after locking WhatsApp with a locker app, it’s notifications still show message preview which, if you want to hide in iOS, you can go to Settings->Notifications and turn off “Show Preview”.

Sorry, by default this option is not available in Android but still if you want to implement, you need to block all notifications for your WhatsApp. To do this, go to Settings >> Apps >> WhatsApp >> Notifications and select “Block All” to block all the notifications for WhatsApp.

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End-to-End Encryption. What is it?

With the latest WhatsApp versions, WhatsApp has added the end-to-end encryption feature to their app to make it more secure for WhatsApp users. For both of those users who have these updated WhatsApp version installed. When they chat with each other, their messages will stay safe and encrypted locally with public/private key.

No third party app can peek or any hacker can hack into their conversation. Even WhatsApp itself can’t see your conversation. Feel safer now?

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Get Rid of Annoying Security Notification

Recently WhatsApp developers has added end-to-end encryption feature to WhatsApp to implement much powerful security feature in WhatsApp chats it is working fine but those permanent security notifications just clutter chats.

If you want to get rid of these security notifications, go to Settings >> Account >> Security and turn off ‘Show Security Notifications’ setting. After this, permanent security notifications will not disturb you.

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Send Money using WhatsApp

Freecharge has become the first app to allow users to send/receive WhatsApp money. Users can send or receive Freecharge money using WhatsApp all they have to do is install Freecharge and setup their account in it. Read full information here

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Send/Receive Recharges in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is better than normal messaging app. So it’s obviously that it includes all the benefits of normal messaging service too. One of them is to send/receive recharges and discount coupons. Well, you can’t directly receive or perform recharge using WhatsApp but yeah you can send top-up codes, coupon codes, etc. in WhatsApp using which, the person next door can perform recharge.

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Save Money Using WhatsApp

Do you want to get alert about last deals, best offers, mega discounts available for FlipKart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. products on WhatsApp? Then save this number +91 9785253064 as ExclusiveDeals and send SUB to this number on WhatsApp. It will add you to it’s broadcast list and you’ll start receiving exclusive money saving deals on your whatsApp daily.

The broadcast notifies you about exclusive online shopping deals, price dropped, price errors or lightning deals like 70-90% off on products etc. You can unsubscribe anytime.

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Add WhatsApp Message Dates in Your Calendar

This feature is available in iPhone only which allow users to add date as event in their calendar. If your friend sent you a date within message, it will have a blue underline in it. Just long press the date and option appear to create event in your calendar for that date.

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Quote Anyone’s WhatsApp Message

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