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HiI’m no developper nor webdesigner or webmaster, just a old linux user with basic understanding of html and a little experience as a CMS user (drupal mainly). So pardon me if my questions are naive or lack precision. (especially in English, as it’s not my mother tongue)

I’m trying to bring together the multiple sources of a “modern” correspondence. (mail, SMS, Facebook & WhatsApp messages, etc.).This is for private archives : not to be published online but just shared with my correspondents, sendig them the final files.

I have in mind a simple timeline display, with date and hour. I’d like the css to mock the graphical chart of each sources so that they can be distinguished at first glance and also to align posts left or right according to the author.I’ve found ways to export each type of messages to a single file, but they could be improved.I would like to embed attached files : documents, image, sounds and videos (mostly youtube’s, ad vimeo’s that i’d like to download and stored locally)If possible, i’d like long entries (ie mails) to be collapsable or to open in a pop up.

From whar I’ve read, It seems to me that a flat file CMS could do the trick, avoiding the hassle of building a server. I chose Hugo as I seems both powerfull ad accessible to a newbie (and for its name as well, but that’s private matter )I am willing to learn but lack time and skils to create everything from scratch so I was looking for some themes that I could build on and adapt. I couldn’t find any within hugo, would you have some clues as where to start ?Or would you recommend aother tool / CMS ? I found these for example :https://octobercms.com/plugin/octo-timelinehttps://github.com/SimplGy/jekyll-timelinetympanus.net/Blueprints/VerticalTimeline/

Is there anyone willing to work on this project with me so that we can offer the result to the community ?

Thks for your help and hints !

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