The WhatsApp messaging became possible citation in the responses

The popular messenger WhatsApp was possible to quote posts for which the user is responsible. This feature is particularly relevant in the group chats with friends or family. The only problem is that now, it seems, it is not available to all. But soon it will certainly be available to all users.

Initially, the possibility appeared in beta belonging to the Facebook application for Android (2.16.118), but, for example, is proving it turned out that we have available and the citation in a stable assembly WhatsApp (2.16.6) for mobile platforms Android and iOS without having to download the update (which is not in iTunes or Google Play).

According to various sources, deployment of new functionality to the general public in fact already happening, so that many can benefit from more comfortable socializing in groups. To do this, simply click on the desired message and hold for a while, until the action bar will appear: in addition to the usual functions delete, copy, transfer and mark with an asterisk new icon should appear, usually associated with the response. Clicking on this curved arrow, the citation of the selected message will occur, under which it will be possible to write the answer. If at the present time does not work, you can try to reinstall Messenger, or just wait a couple of days

WhatsApp continuously updated:. You can mention among the latest developments, such as , video calls All Android versions ability to exchange documents in the client’s web-based, as well as output desktop version for Windows and OS X .


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