The popular messaging app launches new features for chat

Dialogues can not be removed and send to the archive

Whatsapp launches new tools for users. Photo: Pixabay

When communicating via the Whatsapp messenger conversations you can not delete, and send to the archive. So they will not interfere with the desktop and does not disappear. If necessary, you can restore the archived chats. This writes TechToday.

To send some dialog to storage, it has to perform a left swipe. A menu will appear with additional options, which you need to select the “Archive”. After that, the mail will disappear from the main window of the chat.

To restore an archived dialogue is possible, if in Whatsapp go to the chat window. It should scroll to the top and swipe down to bring up the menu. On the screen above the search bar there will appear an option “Archived chats”.

There are two ways to restore correspondence. You can just tap it and go inside to look. If you swapnote it to the left and select “Unzip”, then the mail will return to the main window of the chat.

In addition, to restore Whatsapp chats you can, if you send this contact a new message. After that, the menu dialog will be available to the whole of the previous correspondence.

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