The old status return to the latest beta of WhatsApp


Not long ago, we told you how to activate the old WhatsApp status with root. The functionality was hidden inside the application, perhaps because the development team was doing some kind of testing, since WhatsApp is undergoing radical changes.

Finally, and we hope that in a definitive way, the old states have returned to WhatsApp, and you do not need root or anything like that to install them.

The latest beta of WhatsApp has returned the old status to users. This is something that people have been asking for a long time, since, with the arrival of the new update status had disappeared, and this had produced quite general discontent.

To put a state like you did earlier you must follow these simple steps:

Open the WhatsApp application Open the settings menu Select your avatar Your profile will open and the option

The option returns the possibility of putting the old status as before, with a phrase, a word or some emojis that we like. It is certainly great news that the old status return to WhatsApp, since having removed them in previous updates is something that did not sit well with users.

WhatsApp is changing its functionality a lot in a very short time, and we are not clear on the direction it wants to take. However, it is always appreciated to see updates of this type, which give back the user something that should never have been removed. In order to enjoy this feature you must register in the WhatsApp beta program on Google Play, since the stable version does not yet have it active.

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