The New WhatsApp Status

Create a WhatsApp status

You can get an overview of the last status notifications of your contacts in the Status

tab. Tap one contact and you will see his/her status.

If you want to add a status or update an old one, tap the circle icon with the plus in the right top corner of the Status display. This will open the camera mode of your iPhone. Use the release button as usual to take a picture or video for your WhatsApp status. If you are happy with the photo or video, press the blue arrow at the bottom right to confirm.

As soon as you have taken and selected a photo, video, etc., you can edit it to make it more personal. There are four options in the top right of the screen. You can rotate the image, add Emojis, drawings or text and write a caption as usual. You can rotate the added items and make them bigger or smaller by pinch-to-zoom.

Use saved photos, videos & GIFs

You have the option to decide, whether you want to share your status with all or only chosen contacts. To do that, go to “Privacy” at the left top corner of the Status tab. In this section you can determine, who you want to share your status with and add exceptions, etc.

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