The Best Way to Integrate BMC Remedy with ServiceNow

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The Best Way to Integrate BMC Remedy with ServiceNow

BMC Remedy started out as an on-premise solution. Today, RemedyForce is a combination of Remedy technologies and Salesforce’s platform. ServiceNow, in contrast, was designed and built from scratch to “live and work” entirely in the cloud, and is supported by a robust “enterprise IT cloud” architecture designed and overseen by ServiceNow. So, ServiceNow combines the strengths, flexibility and economies only possible with native cloud solutions with consistent, contractually guaranteed levels of availability and security.


In addition, ServiceNow wins hands down over Remedy because:

  • – It requires zero downtime for upgrades
  • – It’s more secure
  • – It can be accessed anytime and anywhere. No additional software needs to be installed
  • Server rebooting can also be automated

If you are reading this article, chances are your enterprise has already made a decision to migrate from Remedy to ServiceNow. Congratulations for taking the big leap towards a more efficient ITSM!

However, before migrating from Remedy to ServiceNow you need a solid transition strategy. You need to keep in mind these 10 best practices.

Also, you cannot turn off the old Remedy one fine day and instantly switch to ServiceNow. For some audit or internal reporting purposes, you may still need Remedy for some time. There may be departments in your enterprise which may still be using Remedy or you may have some integrations done with Remedy which should not break when migrating. Before completely migrating, you will need to integrate BMC Remedy with ServiceNow which allows for data exchange between the two platforms. You may need to integrate your incident management module, for example, which is a high priority. But how can you ensure this integration is done seamlessly?

Here are two ways you can integrate BMC Remedy with ServiceNow:

1. By using Web Services

Bi-directional integration with Remedy is achieved using ServiceNow’s web service consumer API to invoke Remedy’s OpCreate web service to create a new Ticket, and using web service import sets to provide an interface for Remedy to invoke and create a ServiceNow incident.

(Note: This plugin has been retired and is no longer available for new activations (since Eureka). It is available only to existing users of the Integration.)

2. By using a ServiceNow Certified Partners like SynQ

ServiceNow’s Technology Partner program provides customers with certified integrations handled by third-party applications. A certification indicates that the integrations have passed a set of criteria for interoperability, security, and performance as defined and witnessed by ServiceNow.

SynQ is a leading ServiceNow-certified integration platform. Using SynQ, you can integrate Remedy and ServiceNow easily and securely in days rather than weeks. SynQ is an enterprise-grade integration platform based on Informatica Cloud. Its wizard-based point-and-click interface intuitively guides you through the various steps of the cloud integration process. The built-in scheduling options enables both batch and real-time integration. SynQ is scalable and you can automate the entire process without writing a single line of code.

If you plan to integrate BMC Remedy with ServiceNow, you should check out SynQ today!


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