Telephone Call Diverters, Alternate Caller ID, Line Extender

The solution for telecommuters, multiple offices, unattended offices: The 2010VR

Call forwarding offers everything the telephone company does plus much more. With your own Model 2010 Automatic Call Forwarder, you can direct callers to up to an outside phone numbers.  Installation is easy just connect to standard phone jacks. And simple-to-use remote operation allows the Forwarder to be turned on and off and reprogrammed at any time from anywhere using a standard touch tone phone. Save time and money and be more flexible with automatic call forwarding.

“Phone Hackers” are prevented from placing calls over the outgoing Line:

“Toll-Guard” feature prevents unauthorized persons from using the Forwarder to place calls, stealing phone time.

Can dial through a PBX:

Storable pauses can be used to permit dialing through a PBX system.

Remote programming and on/off by phone:

Simple-to-use remote operation allows the Forwarder to be turned on and off as needed and to reprogram memory so calls can be sent anywhere. Programming is accomplished by calling the outgoing phone line and using simple tone commands. Complete instructions are supplied with every unit.

Excellent audio quality:

High audio quality is ensured by the use of automatic gain control (AGC) in the gain amplifiers. Even weaker long distance calls can be heard clearly.

Connected via standard phone jacks:

Installation is via two modular line cords for standard RJ11 phone jacks. The unit uses a 110 VAC line adapter for power and batteries are provided for memory retention.

Other operating functions:

Adjustable dialing speed lets the call forwarding process match the speed of the local phone company. Either DTMF tone or rotary pulse dialing may be used.

2010VR $649.95  Read more about it, or BUYNOW

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This unit performs Call-Forwarding and even offers REMOTE “Call-Forwarding”, including RingBack, “Boomerang”, BounceBack Calling via GSM Cellular?

We have Eurotech. Cellular GSM. The “Follow-Me” tm Call-Back Router $599.00 (with UPS in 48 USA)

Works Worldwide

Call your phone number from anywhere, make your phone ring anywhere! Use your Home or Office number to bill the call.

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