Solutions to Fix Common WhatsApp Not Working Issues

1: Can’t Connect to WhatsApp

This is probably the most common problem for WhatsApp user. If you suddenly find yourself not receiving messages, photos or videos via the messaging app, it probably means that your smartphone is not connected to the internet; your internet provider may have any service disruption or your phone’s receiver is a bit wonky.

To fix this problem, you can try one of the following:

  • Make sure that your WiFi is not disabled when your smartphone goes to “Sleep”.
  • If you are using WiFi, toggle the connection on the modem and/or transmitter.
  • Put your smartphone on “Airplane Mode” and deactivate it – see if you can now establish an internet connection. To solve this go to Settings > WiFi > Advanced > Set ‘Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep’ to ‘Always’ .
  • Make sure you did not activate the restricted background data usage feature for WhatsApp under the “Data Usage” menu.
  • Update your software or re-install the app on your phone.
whatsapp not working

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