Simple and Best Way To Increase File Size Limit On WhatsApp [How To]

WhatsApp can be used on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Bada, Firefox and Symbian.

Though WhatsApp offers variety of features, it gives limitations on file exchange as well as privay after new double tick update.

When one wants to send a picture, music or video, he/she can not send file more than 16 MB, which is a default limit set by WhatsApp team. So, here we will explain the ways on how you can Increase File Size Limit On WhatsApp

Some Basic Options Available To Increase File Size Limit On WhatsApp

  1. Use video or audio converter to minimize file size either trimming or converting file format
  2. Use compressing tools like WinZip, Winrar softwares
  3. Share through Dropbox or Goggle Drive and sharing its link.
  4. Another way you can use is WaSend app.

Download WaSend App

To avail, this facility receiver as well as sender requires WaSend software installed on their respective devices and maximum sending limit of this app is 150 MB.

It basically compresses all files into one file which is less than 16 MB and receiver receives it in the unreadable format. Received file can be converted using WaSend and desired files can be collected.

Problems Occurred While Sending Big Size File

Media files especially video files are large in size. Whatsapp Video Size Limit is 16mb only. Also converted files may or may not work on recipient’s device. So, their should be alternative which can be directly associated with WhatsApp for sending larger media files.

But, what if one wants to send more than 16 MB file then following steps can be very useful and you can send media files up-to 2 GB in size. These steps can guide you to send larger size files easily and with no limitation with respect to your set limit of file size which should be in the format 16MB, 32MB, 64 MB,…..2048MB.

The important thing is your mobile device must be rooted with the help of simple rooting techniques and root explorer can be used to open and edit the desired file.

You can use Root explorer with text editor (paid) or Root Browser (free) or solid explorer (free).

Download Root Explorer

Steps To Increase File Size Limit On WhatsApp

With the help of following step by step guide, you can easily increase file size limit on WhatsApp on your device.

  1. Check whether you have a working WhatsApp messenger and account.
  2. Install and open root browser.
  3. Accept or grant root permissions.
  4. Find and navigate to Data and open it by clicking it again.
  5. Navigate and open com.WhatsApp folder.
  6. Find Shared_prefs folder and open it.
  7. Check com.WhatsApp_preferences.xml file.
  8. Open same file press using long press in RB text editor. (long press the file and open with..)
  9. Use search tool for: “<int name=”media_limit_MB” value=”16″ /> “ (without double quotes)

  10. Here 16 represents limitation value, so set any value less than 2048 MB.
  11. Save the same file and exit the file and root browser.
  12. Finally reboot your same device and check whether it works for files larger than 16 MB.
  13. Enjoy the freedom for sending larger files up- to your desired limit.
  14. VOILA!!! Cheers :). Your file size is already Increased On WhatsApp.

Caution to be Taken

  • Device to be used should be properly rooted using proper softwares.
  • Do not modify other WhatsApp files which are not mentioned.
  • Check whether your mobile device suitable for root and other modifications.

Wrapping Up

Instead of all these method, you can also try whatsapp plus to send big files, but it is also limited to 30 mb again which is again bottleneck.

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