Send More Than 16 MB Audio/Video Files on WhatsApp

Are you in search for a tool that can send video or audio files more than 16MB? Yes!! There is the best way that will surely solve your query. What if I tell you that you can send large files on WhatsApp? By Now, all your hands will be up in the air; it may be about – How to send a Video Files, How to send an Audio File. Today, we here at All Tech Easy would like to discuss on How to Send More Than 16 MB Audio/Video Files On WhatsApp In Android/Windows/iOS. So, without wasting much time let’s get started.

How-To-Send-More-Than-16 MB-Audio-Video-Files-On-WhatsApp

WhatsApp – World’s most using and trusted mobile and PC based application for sending instant messages online for free of cost, using it one can,

How to Send More Than 16mb on Whatsapp – Audio/Video

Send More Than 16mb on Whatsapp for Android Mobile

The beauty of this app is even after compression you will not see any reduction in quality.

Here’s the best app to send videos on whatsapp for Windows Phone is Whatsapp Video Optimizer, it super fastly can convert multiple videos all at one time. Also, you can convert or record any video file right from your whatsapp.

So, in this way you can send more than 16MB files on WhatsApp using WhatsApp Video Optimizer app.

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