Secure WhatsApp on Android with a Pattern Lock

WhatsApp Messenger, a very popular mobile messaging app for iPhone, Android, and other platforms allows users to exchange chat messages using an Internet plan without having to pay for SMS. Perhaps, if you’re concerned about security and privacy of WhatsApp then here is a nifty app that can protect your Whatsapp messages.

Lock For WhatsApp is a free app for Android that adds Pattern lock security to your WhatsApp messenger. It is similar to Pattern lock feature to lock an Android phone but here the app does it simply for WhatsApp. Users need to set a pattern password, WhatsApp would then be accessible only if you draw the correct pattern. This comes really useful if you wish to protect your private and sensitive conversations from your friend’s prying eyes or family members who might get hold over your phone. One good thing is that Lock for WhatsApp also uses the same pattern password to guard itself.

How To Use Lock For WhatsApp:

Install WhatsApp lock application, open it and set a pattern password. Then click on the ‘Enable Whats App Lock’ to turn it on. That’s it! You can change the lock pattern or disable lock for WhatsApp anytime using the same app.

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2013-01-23 22.35.26

Now WhatsApp is protected and nobody else can access it without your permission.

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