Remove Duplicate Contacts on Android With Contact Analyzer

If you are an Andiron mobile user and you phone address book is full of duplicate contacts, no phone numbers or delete phone numbers with no names. You can do this easily with the Contact Analyzer free android app. The app allows you to can see a list of contacts sorted by name or by number and you can select which to delete.

Remove Duplicate Contacts on Android

How to Delete all Duplicate Contacts from Android Mobile

Step 2. After the installation of the app on your Android mobile, run the app from your device to get started.

Step 4. Now hit the menu option from the app to see the other feature of the app. Here you can see the “Merge Contacts” and “Duplicate Contacts”.

Step 5. With the Merge Contacts option you can merge the contacts and with Duplicate contact option you can remove all duplicate contacts from your Address book.

Download Contact Analyzer 2 App here

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