Recover Deleted WhatsApp Message From HTC Mobile[FREE]Android Data Recovery

HTC is well know for its top featured touch screen smart phones. They come with some cool feature in every smart phone they release. I personally is more addicted to their HTC One M7 model; which is just awesome. I love the camera feature of it with some super cool options and with its high inbuilt space I can make use of its camera more effectively.

It is the same with almost all of its mobile; so as a user you will tend to store a lot of information on your device. One of the most common data would be your WhatsApp Messages. You tend to have lot of important discussion these days on WhatsApp but as a user you tend to clear all your old message too.

What if some of your important message gets deleted during this process?

These are situation which comes in unknowingly and you should know what needs to be done. Here is a perfect solution for you. You can get all your deleted WhatsApp message with ease using our Android Data Recovery Software. Check out our step to step guide below:

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Message from HTC Mobile

Note: Stop using your device as soon as you notice a deletion of any message else the data can get overwritten, minimizing the chance of getting it back.

Step 1: Download and install the WhatsApp Recovery Software for Android Mobile and connect your HTC mobile to your computer through USB cable

htc one data recovery

Step 2: Enable USB debugging looking at the onscreen instruction.

usb debugging for android

Step 3: Start with the Scanning process by clicking on “Next“. If you rooted your phone, please click “Allow” on your phone screen and then back to your pc and click “Start” to continue the process.

htc data recovery software

Step 4: Now select the type of file that needs to be recovered; in this case select the WhatsApp Message and Attachment option.

data recovery options

Step 5: Now select the type of scan you prefer to do; I always recommend to scan only for deleted file


Step 6: The scanning will continue and will list down all your deleted WhatsApp messages from your HTC mobile. All you need to do is preview and then recover it.


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