Protected WhatsApp Channels vs Unprotected WhatsApp Channels

With the invention of different WhatsApp marketing software available in the market which allows you to send WhatsApp messages in different formats such as text, images, audios, videos & vCard file. There have been other tools developed which can basically steal WhatsApp channels information which are unprotected.

Hence, while any WhatsApp channels are registered. It’s mandatory to add Security Code while the registration process takes place.

Any WhatsApp Channels which are unprotected have the chances of getting stolen, your WhatsApp password getting reset, also the chance that your WhatsApp channel can be blocked from WhatsApp if used by anyone else who uses software such as WhatsApp channels finder who use these software to steal your WhatsApp Channels.

A lot of our clients come to us asking if we can reset their old WhatsApp channels password & try revive their old WhatsApp channels. That’s because whenever they try to login using these unprotected WhatsApp channels. They get login failed error which says that the channel is not able to login because of wrong password. Chances are someone has stolen & then already reset the password for your WhatsApp channel. And that’s because your channels were unprotected without a security code which the hackers & scrapers using WhatsApp channels finder software already made sure to either use these WhatsApp channels one time by sending lots of messages. Or they have reset the passwords for YOUR WhatsApp channel using security code.

Now, the only option you are left out is to buy new channels or STOP the campaign.

We really feel sorry for all these people. Because firstly, even though they bought the unprotected WhatsApp channels from a vendor who are themselves using these WhatsApp channels finder software & mining these WhatsApp channels on a daily basis. And then, they sell you these channels saying that they can’t provide you any guarantee of these channels once its delivered to you and you login for the first time.

So, the question is..

How do you find out if your WhatsApp channel is protected or unprotected?

Well, any good WhatsApp channel provider will make sure to protect your WhatsApp channels by adding Security Code while the registration takes place. If they are honest, trustful & quality provider. They will make sure that they provide you with ACTUAL WhatsApp Security Code which was used while the registration process took place.

You can look for the WhatsApp channels are see if you are able to reset the password for your WhatsApp channels using the security code provided by your provider or a vendor.

You must be wondering now. What’s the benefit of Protected WhatsApp Channel vs Unprotected WhatsApp Channels?

Well, the difference is simply how secure, safe & protected you want to be using these WhatsApp channels. You already invest your marketing budget buying the WhatsApp channels. How good will it be only to find that after few days your WhatsApp channels are blocked?

Protected WhatsApp channels are active for more long period vs Unprotected WhatsApp channels.

Protected WhatsApp channels can’t be stolen using WhatsApp channels finder software.

Protected WhatsApp channels are prone to change password issue. Because no one can change the password without having the security code of your WhatsApp channel.

So, anytime in future if you are talking to a WhatsApp channels provider or a vendor. Make sure that you always buy Protected WhatsApp channel.

We pride ourselves as one of the pioneer’s in providing the most amazing quality of WhatsApp channels. We go one step further then all our competitors. And can provide quality & commitment that all our channels can’t be stolen or have any issue like password reset. If that happens we also provide a 30 days no questions asked replacement for all the channels bought from us.

See, how our channels are made…

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