Prankster Uses FaceApp To Give Somber Masterpieces New Smiles

When Olly Gibbs walked into the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam. he immediately felt something was missing. All those Dutch masterpieces just looked a little too somber and stuffy for his taste. So he added smiles.

Gibbs is a UK-based designer who used FaceApp to create this quirky series.One by one, famous works of art are re-imagined with big grins on their faces.

Because FaceApp is so effective in transforming faces, the smiles actually look natural. But it also makes us feel a little weird. Some of the pieces are downright creepy with the added grin.

Aside from the obvious humor in this series, it also serves as a reminder of how culture changes over time. Things have changed when it comes to having our image captured. Back in the day, people didn’t smile for portraits. Now, we’re expected smile.

Went to a museum armed with Face App to brighten up a lot of the sombre looks on the paintings and sculptures. The results…

Via Mashable

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