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  • Come to our program at 1:30 PM, Sunday, December 3 at the Ida Rupp Public Library. We will present the detailed plans for the Lighthouse Park area including an authentic rebuild of the original Boathouse and landscaping surrounding the lighthouse including a circular path around Derby Pond, installation of a fishing pier on the pond,  and significant landscaping features.
  • We had a very successful first season with over 1,500 visitors taking a tour and certainly ten times that number coming specifically to visit the site. We are now closed for regular tours BUT, if you are a Keeper  (Click here to see a list of Keepers to date.) and perhaps have family or out-of-town guests visiting over the Holidays, we would be happy to open the lighthouse and provide your group/family a tour (allow one half hour), however cold it may be. Simply send a note using the contact us link and we can make arrangements to open the lighthouse for you.  We really appreciate the Keepers as they allow the Lighthouse to exist.
  • Stay tuned for additional information about the development of the Lighthouse Park area and specifically the placement of a 100% replica Boathouse (from original plans unearthed at the National Archives) on Derby Pond. Put December 3 (1:30, Ida Rupp Library) on your schedule for unveiling of plans.
  • We thank the City of Port Clinton Mayor and Council for their continued support.
  • I WANT TO BE A KEEPER OF THE PORT CLINTON LIGHTHOUSE, Click here for a membership form. Why not join the Keepers of the Port Clinton Lighthouse and get periodic updates, early notice of openings, special “deals”, and, most importantly, tangibly demonstrate your support by becoming a Keeper of the Port Clinton Lighthouse. Your friends and neighbors have.  Click here to see a list of Keepers to date.
  • If you are visiting Port Clinton and want your Lighthouse Passport stamped, the Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce, located on Madison St., will be able to stamp it for you Monday through Friday. In addition, Back in Thyme, also located on Madison St., will have a stamp and they are available during the weekend as well as during the week.
  • THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. A  letter in a  Beacon and News Herald refers to the list of those who have contributed to the restoration and placement of the lighthouse. Click here to see the list. Our gratitude, many times over. Two names to add to the BIG THANKS lists are Mark Coppeler (Coppeler Heating and Cooling) for donating MANY hours of labor toward the installation of electrical work for the lighthouse and to Keith Heileman for donating MANY hours of labor in arranging, re-arranging, and re-arranging yet again the landscaping stones around the lighthouse.
 From 8/19/16

Happy Birthday Darrell Brand


Without Darrell Brand there would be no Port Clinton Lighthouse sitting on the shores of Lake Erie. Period. The lighthouse could have been sitting across from Wendy’s on Perry Street or in the median strip on Adams Street where the stone lighthouse stood (across from Croghan Bank) a few years ago. Darrell Brand was insistent that the Port Clinton Lighthouse needs to be on the Lake Erie shore. It is our Port Clinton Lighthouse, one of the only wooden structures of its kind left remaining, and he did not want it stuck as a bizarre tourist attraction devoid of context. He would not yield. He was right. Many individuals were important in the restoration and the move but Darrell is directly responsible for the continued existence of the lighthouse after years of neglect and its current location. Coincidentally, it is his birthday today, and he is the one who has provided the birthday gift to our city. Happy Birthday and thank you Darrell Brand.

Darrell Brand (at left) with Conservancy Member Bill Moon.

Photo by Geoffrey Mendenhall

 From 8/17/16

Thank You Gill Construction

IMG_2316 copy
Photo by Nike Mendenhall
What a terrific job done by Gill Construction on MOVE Day. The Conservancy has learned from Ray Brooks, owner of Gill Construction, that the MOVE was a gift to Port Clinton and the Lighthouse Conservancy and there will be no charge for the barge, the truck, the outstanding personnel, the efficiency, the detail, the everything. This is a significant and much appreciated contribution to this community effort. They now join our list of Charter Members of the Keepers of the Port Clinton Lighthouse, all of whom have donated a minimum of $1,000 to restore and place the Port Clinton Lighthouse back on the shores of Lake Erie. For a list of Charter members to date, please click here.

Photos (above) and slideshow (right) by Geoffrey Mendenhall, Click here to see full slideshow.

From MOVE day, 8/16/16

End of a Perfect Day

Davenport First Night

Photo by Jordan Davenport

Also, Check out this video  —  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQGFK2NLjg

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