Option to Stop Auto-Download from a Particular Person Or Group Coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp Beta for Windows 10 Mobile has rolled out a unique feature. It now allows you to stop downloading pictures or media files from a particular person, even if your option is turned on globally. Comes in very hand in two situations. One when you don’t want images sent from your girlfriend to be automatically download, and ready for interaction by your parents or when  somebody annoys you with tons of forward images, and videos only to consume all your data.

WhatsApp Autodownload Individual Option 2
WhatsApp Autodownload Individual Option 1

The option is available when you take a look at the profile details, and is listed as “Save Incoming Media”. The default is set to Yes, but you an turn it off. The same option is also available for groups which will save you even more data.

WhatsApp Auto Download Group Option

This is definitely a unique feature, and I haven’t seen it till now even on Android, but may be they are testing. Its time you to define who should waste your bandwidth, and whose image should never get downloaded.

Thanks Abhinav Mathur for the screenshots!

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