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Do you want to Show or Hide One Tick on Whatsapp messenger? If you are one of them who really want to know about the One Tick and Double Tick on the Whatsapp Messenger, then do read this article till the end. Here on this article, I am going to show you how you can hide or show One or Double tick to another person on WhatsApp. To hide or show one or double tick on WhatsApp follow the article guys.

Whatsapp is the most used messenger in nowadays. Around billions of peoples all around the world are using Whatsapp Messenger. Most of the time, a person get irritated when someone just messaging you all the time. Thet time you need to control your Whatsapp on Your Hand. That’s what about we are going to talking now.

If you are one of them who want to Hide or Show One & Double ticks to the person you are irritating then we are here with one more tricks. Soon you will learn how to Hide & Show double ticks on WhatsApp account. Before proceeding to the trick of hiding tricks of Whatsapp, I am going to show you What One Tick on Whatsapp Means 2017. Check out the further sections for information.

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Whatsapp: What One Tick on Whatsapp Means?

When you send the Whatsapp Text to another person, it will show you the one tick when “The text messages are successfully sent from your mobile device”. After that, the second tick will be shown to by Whatsapp which means “The message sent by you is successfully received by the Person Device”.

The Next is the Blue ticks, these ticks show that the messages are read by the user, which you have sent Text Messages. These are the simple theories behind these Single, Double and Blue ticks. Check out the Details about the How you can hide single, double and blue ticks.

Can we Hide One Tick on Whatsapp Messenger

The answer is no, you can’t hide single tick on the WhatsApp account of another person. It’s only possible when the person just blocks that person who regularly messages you. The single tick is only visible when your data service is on, otherwise, it will be stuck on waiting process. There no such needs of the Single Tick on WhatsApp as for my need, cause everyone has data services in nowadays :).

How Can you Hide Double/Blue/One Tick on Whatsapp Messenger?

Yes, you read it right. you can easily Hide the Double tick on the Whatsapp Messenger on the Another user. The tricks are simple and very easy to perform by any of the beginners in the technology area. Only you need some MOD APKs and some basic knowledge to perform the task. Check out below given instructions to perform how to hide Double ticks on Whatsapp:-

  • There are lot’s of tricks to perform the Double tick hiding, but here we are going to share a simple and easy task to hide tick on WhatsApp.
  • Here is MOD apk of Whatsapp which will allow you to hide your Double ticks and the Blue ticks.
  • You don’t have to perform anything tough to perform this task.
  • Download Whatsapp MOD Messenger from here.
  • Just install the app into your device and performs the task.

For more details about the Whatsapp Hacks and Tricks, you can check out our below given link to Hide the Double Ticks and Blue Ticks.

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Set One Tick on Whatsapp Messenger

To set One tick on Whatsapp, you need a cracked version of the Whatsapp Messenger, which I had to provide above. You can permanently mute or hide one tick for any person. Only you need to download the above given Whatsapp through this link. Get Cracked Whatsapp here.

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