Older Kindles Require Updated Software by March 22 to Download Books and Use Kindle Services

Older Kindles

Amazon has started sending out emails to Kindle owners with older devices notifying them that they need to make sure their Kindle’s software is up-to-date in order to continue downloading Kindle books and having access to the Kindle store and other Kindle services.

All Kindles from the very first generation model all the way up to the Kindle Paperwhite 2 are affected. If they have older outdated software after March 22nd, then downloads won’t work, the Kindle store won’t work, and other Kindle services will stop working as well.

Like usual, Amazon isn’t giving any specific details about the change but obviously they are updating or changing how Kindle books and services are served to Kindle devices.

To be clear, there isn’t a “new” update specifically for this change; Kindles just need to be up-to-date with current software, not necessarily the latest software. It’s more about transitioning devices from older outdated software to newer software.

In most cases all you need to do to make sure your Kindle gets the required update is to turn on Wi-Fi or 3G wireless. Updates download and install automatically.

The older models are the only ones affected. Here’s the list of Kindles that require having the latest software installed along with the software version:

* For these devices, even if you are running software version 2.5.8, if you have not connected to wireless (3G) since October 5, 2015, please connect now.

If you are unsure what Kindle model you have, check this List of Kindle Models and How to Tell Them Apart.

You can also find more information at Amazon’s help section. They have the following page about this: Critical Software Update for Kindle eReaders.

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