New WhatsApp Update for Android

WhatsApp has been one of those applications that has become an intrinsic part of our devices, and most of us, our lives. You might say it is exaggerated, but the truth is that this app allows us to call through it, with the expenses on your carrier service of course, which is a big step for people who stay connected all along the world. Beyond that, it offers plenty of fun functions for everyone, including the texts of course.  And now, we have a great WhatsApp update available for Android: Whatsapp 2.12.250. Let’s see what it is about.

I don’t have WhatsApp, what is it?!

This question would mean you are new to smartphones in general. Just in case you still don’t have WhatsApp, I’ll explain this is an app to text and call using carrier Internet service or else Wi-Fi. It shortens plenty of your costs from SMS and calls if you are connected to the network in your house or other public places.

whatsapp update

This new WhatsApp update has been around IOS devices for some months now, and Android has been the last one to know about it. The big news here is that it is finally available for us Android users, so we aim to you in this post. In case your smartphone hasn’t installed the WhatsApp yet, you can go to Google Play Store, My Apps and then check if the update is available.

The features of the WhatsApp update are the following:

First, new icons. The main you will experience is the fact that you have more emoticons to use and the fact that you can change the color of many of them. This WhatsApp update was claimed for people mostly because of this.

whatsapp update 2

Read message. You can tag a message as read to read it at some other time. Don’t forget people who text you, though…

Notifications. With the WhatsApp update you can customize notifications for every WhatsApp contact. You can even customize vibrations and screen turning to each of them.

Reducing expenses in calls. Yes, just like that. WhatsApp update allows you to reduce your expenses in data usage. To use this tool, you can simply go to Settings, then hit Chats and calls and set it up. Supposedly it doesn’t really reduce audio quality, so it’s all good news.

So what are you waiting for? Download the WhatsApp update now!

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