Methods To Run Two Whatsapp Accounts In One Android Phone

We are so used to multitasking that along with two e-mail IDs and Facebook account, now the lime light is no WhatsApp messenger. Many people wish to have two different accounts on WhatsApp without using different devices. However, it is not possible to use or create two different accounts using same WhatsApp messenger application. You will either have to switch your account to a different number, or you will have to use to different devices. In order to avoid malpractices and unwanted activities, WhatsApp messenger can be used with only one account. However, many people ask about the tips and tricks to crack this limitation. So, here we have some tips to run two Whatsapp accounts in one android phone for you.

Requirements To Run Two Whatsapp Accounts In One Android Phone

Given below are the requirements for using two WhatsApp accounts in One Android device. Take a keen look at them and then follow the steps accordingly.

Run Two Whatsapp Accounts
  • An Android mobile phone with proper version of Android that supports the new software named GBWhatsApp.
  • Then you will need GBWhatsApp software which is also like normal WhatsApp messenger but has many features embedded in it.
  • A suitable internet connection which can make this software work effectively.
  • An understanding of the software and proper awareness about its use.

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Features of GBWhatsApp

We have already mentioned that GBWhatsApp is loaded with some features that will completely blow your mind. And, here we will list them out just to let you know about it, so that you will know about it even before using it for the first time. Take a look at these features and understand them accordingly.

latest GBWhatsApp
  • You can hide the online status from the people you want.
  • Easily make changes in the settings and people will not come to know that you are available online.
  • You can comfortably copy multiple messages without the date and name of the sender getting copied. And then, you get to paste it anywhere you wish to without having to erase the information mentioned in the copied text.
  • The best feature about this modified app is that, you can also hide the second tick from showing up in the chat box of sender once you receive message from your friends or family.
  • There are a huge number of free themes which are provided to you and you can use any of them as per your choice and preference. Your WhatsApp chat will look better and beautiful.
  • Last but not the least; you can use both WhatsApp as well as GBWhatsApp simultaneously with same account and number on same device.

How to download and install GBWhatsApp?

  • You must know that this version of WhatsApp is not officially available on Google Play Store. You will have to download it from external source.
  • Make sure you make changes in the privacy policy of your device. Just go to settings and allow your device to accept the apps downloaded from sources apart from Google Play Store.
  • If not done so, your device will misbehave or clearly not allow the app to download.
  • The first and foremost thing you will have to remember is, download GBWhatsApp from a reliable link.
  • You must ensure that it has anti-ban feature in it and does not have any type of malware or virus in its system.
  • After the downloading process is successfully completed, click on the message which indicates that download is completed.
  • When you click, the installation process will automatically start on your device.
  • After waiting for the installation process to get complete, you will see a pop-up message on your device that will indicate about the completion of the process.
  • Once the software is installed on your device, just tap on the icon and it will start working.
  • After opening this APK file, it will ask you to verify your number. So you just need to complete the verification process just like you do for any other app.

Final Words

After completing all the process successfully you can enjoy the cool features of GBWhatsApp and also use your original WhatsApp messenger alongside. Make sure you do not make use of these two accounts in illegal manner and use it only for genuine purpose.

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