Manually Install APK Files on Android Mobile, Is It Safe or Not?

Not all the application we need to install for various requirement are available on the Google Playstore, in some case we have to download and install apk files manually on our phone. Since it is common and many people are doing these, some still doubts whether it is safe or not. Did it cause any harm to the Mobile. Now lets have a look at this matter.

Google lets all the Android users the provision of installing application on their android mobile using their Playstore application. Playstore is a place where Google organize all their application in which user can download from and on the other side it let the developer to uploads their application. So in short, it act as an intermediate between both. Since its via Playstore, we usually trust all the application.

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We can install all the application within the playstore and outside using the installable apk files manually. But some even doubts that it is not safe. But it is not actually like that. We can install apk, it is safe. but the problem is that it is not safe for all the application. There are some application which may cause problem to our smartphone. So first we need to identify that. Only try to install application which you trust and which is important to you only.

We can download trusted apk files from website such as But when downloading the application you may notice some warning message by the browser like below.


Don’t get feared of that, its a common warning message by the browser. The browser will consider all the apk files as unknown source so its giving you warning, so it will be shown for good and bad applications.

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After the download, install the application by clicking on the file. Sometime you may see a message like below. It means that the android mobile by default blocks the installation of apk files manually. So you need to enable it.


How to enable APK Install

Step 1: Click on the settings.

Step 2: In the settings, go to security settings

Step 3: Enable the ‘Unknown sources’. While enabling this, you will see a message saying that, it will cause issues to your mobile. Its also a general warning, means you are trying to install application from outside the playstore which doesn’t actualy means your mobile may harmed. Bt it may or maynot be harmed. So just ignore the message and click Ok.


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After enabling that, try to install the apk file and done.

Note that, try to install apk which you trust and only if you actually need it. There are application which may steal details from your mobile. So be careful it this matter.

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