Make viber whatsapp without using your real number.

Viber and whatsapp is widely used apps for social networking. it allows messaging and free callings between registered user. For the registration they asks your mobile number and sends a code to verify this number belongs to you. Most of us don’t want to expose our number to the world mostly young girls. Today we are going to use a simple trick to hide our real number and make Viber whatsapp with a fake number. For this purpose follow the steps below. Also watch the video below for easy set up. Step 1: Firstly u need to get a fake number for this purpose go to playstore and download an app called Primo. This app provides a free USA number to receive calls and chat between registered users. This number can’t receive sms . Still we will use it to sign up for viber whatsapp.

Make viber/whatsapp without using your real number.

Step 2: Register on primo and Check your email for confirmation it. click the confirmation link n they will send you will get USA based phone number.

Make fake Whatsapp

Step 3: Now download viber or whatsapp which ever you want to use and register primo. The screen will appear as picture below. Firstly they sends sms but primo number don’t receives sms so wait for 1 minutes and another screen will appear with call now option click on it.

make viber whatsapp

Step 4: Goto primo app and answer the call by whatsapp. Listen to the code and note it down. Step 5: Now go back to whatsapp put the code in the whatsapp/viber registration and confirm it. That’s all you need to do, Now enjoy the apps with a fake USA number. Please do not misuse or use this to send abusive messages to anyone.

make viber whatsapp

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