Lock messages, contacts, gallery, games in Android OS


Most of people keep there important files, messages and contact in there mobile phone. And do not want there phone to be touched by anyone else, like I do.

But, people often handling the Android phone first time will check in to your gallery, contacts, and all other important locations. So here is the App made for the personal users like us to keep the important and personal things personal up-to us.

App Lock

AppLock is the solution for the locking this all the applications in the Android phone. It locks down each and every application in your phone, from messages to gallery, from settings to task managers.

Just you have to enable the locking system and your phone is secured.

There is two type of locking facility available with this app, very first is old number lock and second is the pattern lock.

Here is the setup guide for it:

Step #1 Install and download

Go to Google Play and Search for AppLock application, you will find it in search result page. Download and Install it on your phone.

Step #2 Enable and Disable applications

Once the App is downloaded click on open app and enable AppLock for applications you want to lock down as shown in above image. You can enable and disable any application at any time.

There are few recommended applications for you that might be help to secure your improper usage.

Once your have selected the application to enable and disable locking, you have options to secure it through two types of security system. One is Pattern and other is Number locking

Step #3 Pattern Lock

AppLock Pattern Lock

In Pattern Lock, as you have screen pattern locking for your Android device similarly you have it here. Just register your pattern, confirm the same pattern and save it. After saving it, will ask to save some security question in case you forget the pattern. You have to answer the question.

Step #4 Number Lock

AppLock App for Android

Number locking system is similar to same old locking, where you input number code to unlock your device. There is nothing special in this. I was using number lock before, but it was creating some issues. So I turned out for pattern locking. It works perfect.

Note: AppLock may make your phone lag a little, because it uses lot of RAM.

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