Learn how to hide WhatsApp contacts

How to hide WhatsApp contacts



Presently with the huge usage of WhatsApp this question is in the mind of lots of peoples, but now WhatsApp has given the solution of this problem as well.

You can now easily hide some of your WhatsApp contacts with it’s new feature of show and hide contacts. Do you want to know how to do it? Then, you don’t need to worry more about this. With this now anyone can hide it’s whatsapp contacts.

Now, I am going to reveal the tricks specially for teenagers who has increased it’s searched in Google, YouTube and other places. This is the post for you guys. Read it out and grab this trick in your mind and also share this with your friends not family members. ?

I have also uploaded it’s video in both the language (English & Hindi) if you want to watch that. Just watch it below or read out for all the theoretical steps.

Watch this video in English Language:

Watch this video in Hindi Language

Will show you soon…

Steps to hide whatsapp contacts are mentioned below:

  1. First of all you need to open your whatsapp.
  2. After that just go to whatsapp settings by clicking on the three dots showing above right hand side corner.
  3. As you will open settings there you will find an option named “Contacts”. Click on that.
  4. As you have completed the above step you will find there an option named “Show all contacts” there is a checkbox in front of this option.
  5. If you want to hide your hidden contacts just uncheck that box and go to the main page of WhatsApp.
  6. Now you just need to refresh your contacts and you will see your all hidden contacts are now also hidden from whatsapp contact directory.

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