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Latest Version of Whatsapp Plus Download Free Apk 2017-Whatsapp has always been a winning messaging app which is free to use it was launched in January 2010 and there was a charges of 1$ but Mark Zuck avail this free lifetime for their users and it has been a most downloaded messaging app on Google Play store just because of its popularity and its great feature and now it comes up with also video call feature in Whatsapp which is really a great combination in it.

Whatsapp Video call feature is enhancing its level of popularity that currently it has, it is the most fastest messaging app which send and receive messages instantly even with low data.most of the countries whatsapp is free to use without any data Plan and owners are paying really huge amount to to them but we all are using it for free and there are lots of Alternatives of Whatsapp but, No doubt whatsapp is really best among them all the words would be less to explain its features but i am gonna reveal some Great Features of Latest WhatsApp that will attract you to use this great messaging app for sure. You might also have heard about GbWhatsapp which is a great version that let users to use multiple accounts at a time ..

    Features of Latest whatsapp Plus 2017 Apk[k

  • Document Sharing: with this feature of whatsapp you are able to send and receive documents in PDF version which are necessary nowadays because everything is turning over in Digital and there is huge need of it to send and receive documents with whatsapp because we often get lazy to open email and send through that while whatsapp made it easy for us to share such documents easily through that.
  • Image and Video Sharing: Most of the apps are too slow to send and receive images but whatsapp let you to send and receive instantly with even low data of internet with its fast and reliable speed.
  • Audio Sending: you can talk with your friends by sending them voice messages because sometimes they are busy and it is better to send them a voice message so they won’t get disturb anymore.
  • Calling Feature: want to make calls without paying a dime? Whatsapp is a best option for you because it has a clear voice while you are talking to someone and it is free for lifetime and you can call anyone anytime and long lasting calls without any lagging issues.
  • Data Saving: it let their users to save their data because sometimes we see our data is being consumed the most but you can activate this data saving system to save your data
  • Preview Links: when you are sharing any blog post to someone there will be a preview of it so user may consider it as not a spam.
  • Whatsapp Web????: you can use whatsapp on web it will not be any external source you would have to access it through your mobile phone by scanning QR Code then you will be able to use whatsapp on web because sometimes we’re at work and don’t have much time to look on mobile as it will also notify you on your web browser when you receive any message.
  • Backup Messages: afraid of losing chats? Whatsapp provides you to backup your chats before erasing all data sometimes we want to have them in our mobile as a Memory and it is indeed best of them that they have provided us this useful feature.
  • Notifications: You will have notifications into notifications bar when someone message you and you can also switch it off if you don’t want someone else to have a look on it.
  • Reply Directly From Popup: In this year whatsapp had released this feature it’s one of latest whatsapp version just swipe down the notification bar and quickly reply someone just simply you have to activate it from setting.
  • Migrate From one to Another Mobile Number: Whatsapp facilitate their users to migrate from one to another mobile number without deleting account, i had this issue that i had lost my former mobile number so i want to migrate it i did just by going through setting account setting and change phone number and it was done within a while.
  • Email Conversation: You can send whole conversation via email to let anyone remind what he said or if someone wants to read any conversation just email him/her by tapping on profile and click on email conversation.
  • Shortcut conversation: You can make shortcuts to your home menu for any of the particular conversation if you think it is necessary just hold on the chat and a popup will be shown you can simply click on it to have a shortcut onto your home menu.
  • Emoji/Stickers: it contains thousands of emojis and emoticons and also stickers which fulfill fun into your chats and make it extra enjoyable and lets you explain emotions via emoticons.
  • Bold Text Feature: you can add bold text whenever you are writing something and you want to highlight something to make reader understand and to attract him/her to read it for sure,whatsapp allows you to add bold texts within your message

    Whatsapp new Calling Feature

And now at last they released new feature of Whatsapp Video Call Feature which let their users to fulfill all of their requirements through this single app that will beat all other alternatives of it and it is indeed a fast one and most probably i have seen people are looking to know How to Activate Whatsapp video calling will be done if you follow me step by step and i am gonna reveal an step by step Guide to let you know about Activate Whatsapp Video Calling Feature to make you understand that, there is not any Rocket Science behind this and let me tell you first that still they are still trying to make it fully work as according to Techrunch they are saying that Just some of the users can have this feature but, i am going to tell you a trick that you will also be one them who will have video call feature into his whatsapp just keep your eyes here and follow me.

    How to Activate Whatsapp video calling Feature For Free

Curious to know? Well let me tell you it will not work on your current version that you are using currently. You have to Download latest WhatsApp(2.16.318) Version and then you will be having all the features of whatsapp including calling feature as well…

    Latest Whatsapp Video Call Download Free Apk

  • For activating it you have to uninstall your current version
  • Before that take a backup of whole the whatsapp chats otherwise it will delete all of the data
  • After done Download latest WhatsApp Version
  • Create account and complete whole process
  • Now open any of the chat and tap on call most probably you will see two options like Voice Call and Video Call like shown in this picture below
WhatsApp Messenger
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot

    Download Whatsapp Plus Apk Free Download

Whatsapp Plus Apk is a great new verrsion of whatsapp that let the users to hide their Online status on whatsapp. it is a great feature that doesn’t come up with new version of whatsapp or the official app. Basically it is a 3rd party app by spanish developers but indeed a great option.

Download Whatsapp Plus Apk

Conclusions: updated this post due to new version of whatsapp has been released with whatsapp video call. you will not require any beta version for this as it is completely free. including this i have also shared whatsapp Plus apk 2017 version for free you can hide your online status via this app and indeed its great.

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