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Being positive and hopeful is the best attitude which makes us optimistic towards life and the first step to becoming successful.

Hope Quotes Messages and Whatsapp Status

  1. God, if one day I’m about to lose hope, help me remember that your plans are bigger than my dreams.
  2. Go firmly in the direction of your goals. Because thought creates, desire attracts and faith realizes.
  3. Life taught me that crying relieves, but smiling makes everything more beautiful.
  4. Imagine a new story for your life and believe in it.
  5. And may we never lack the hope of better days.
  6. The best is yet to come. Believe!
  7. And let there be new stories, new smiles and new people.
  8. Do not lose hope. You never know what tomorrow will bring.
  9. While there is life, there is hope.
  10. Dear past, thank you for everything you taught me … Dear future, you may come!
  11. For all game-over there is a play again.
  12. Just live life!
  13. The darkest nights produce the brightest stars.
  14. Calm down, the world still has a lot of back to give.
  15. There is always another chance, another friendship, another love. For every end a restart.
  16. Tomorrow will be a better day!
  17. May I have wings to dream, hope to believe and faith to continue.
  18. Hope is the last to die.
  19. When it’s going to work, even the winds blow in favor.
  20. Let the sourness of others not prevent you from spreading sweetness.
  21. Hope is a piece of people who know it will work.
  22. More hope in my footsteps than sadness in my shoulders.
  23. Above all, do not lose hope.

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  24. Suffering is the interval between two joys.
  25. Storms do not last forever.
  26. No matter what happened in your past, trust your future.
  27. It’s never too late to take an old story and write a new ending.
  28. As long as there is a will to fight there will be hope of winning.
  29. If you want your life to have a new meaning, a new flavor, faith boat, hope boat and love boat.
  30. Always have hope … The best feeling in the world is to know that there are infinite possibilities.
  31. Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.
  32. Hope is the light that guides us far beyond the precipice of our worst thoughts.
  33. Better days will come, do not even think about quitting.
  34. Hope conquers fear!
  35. Hope is the purest smile child.
  36. And even if everything is upside down, that everything is not visibly possible, I keep in me a crazy, a mysterious, a desperate and disheveled hope!
  37. Hopes are these little things full of magic that never fails in our hearts.
  38. Good things always come when the bad ones go away.
  39. It’s pretty much the same thing that gives people the belief that every day can be better!
  40. Basic Rule of Life: On the way back, the descent turns uphill.
  41. Losing hope is getting to the bottom of the pit.
  42. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future!
  43. Hope has two beautiful daughters, indignation and courage; Indignation teaches us not to accept things as they are; The courage, the change.
  44. May yesterday serve as an experience, tomorrow may serve as hope … But today serve as the best gift.
  45. And let us be assured by the difficulties that have already been overcome that there is no evil that will last forever.
  46. The world is one of the smart ones but the sky is of the chosen ones.
  47. His outstretched hand makes the other understand that there is hope for the pain.
  48. The world is not totally lost, there are still people worth fighting for.
  49. This road I want to find people who are sweet, clear, true and willing. I want to encounter light, detachment and peace.
  50. To err yesterday, learn today and overcome tomorrow.
  51. I too am a victim of deferred dreams, of dashed hopes, but despite this, I still have a dream, because we can not give up life.
  52. As long as there is a will to fight there will be hope of winning.
  53. But rest if you need to rest. However, do not lose all hope. Tomorrow is unknown. The advice comes often with the sunrise.
  54. Hope is the feeling that you will succeed tomorrow in what you have failed today.
  55. Do not lose hope. There are millions of people waiting for the resources you already have.
  56. After suffering a lot wanting a perfect person and a movie life, I just want to be happy in a simple way.
  57. High hopes are the key to everything.
  58. Let your hopes, not your injuries, shape your future.
  59. The stars are all illuminated … Is it not so that each one can one day find yours?
  60. Educate the child well, give him sublime advice … And you can hope to see the world without crimes.
  61. The present is the shadow that moves separating yesterday from tomorrow. Hope rests in it.
  62. Do not lose hope. Difficult moments exist only to learn to appreciate the easy ones.
  63. If this river that runs in my heart is hopeful, I know better days will overflow in my life.
  64. At every moment new lights are emerging and a new hope is taking the place of any sadness.
  65. When everything seems to have no solution, hope tells us that it is never too late to start over.
  66. Hope is one of the prizes and the most powerful of the gifts that come from faith in the word of Jesus.
  67. While in my heart beat hope, I will never lack the strength to fight!
  68. Hope is the light that keeps on, even when life keeps on throwing us into the darkness.
  69. I need a new life in another place, where hope does not end and dreams never cease to shine.
  70. Hope is a weapon that anyone can have, but only those who persevere learn to use it.
  71. There are no dead ends for those who hold hope in their hearts.
  72. Hope is the flame that gives life to any dream.
  73. With much strength and hope, soon everything will be gone. The improvements for you!
  74. With hope and patience any path becomes easier to navigate.
  75. Replace fears for dreams so that sadness gives way to hope in your life.
  76. In autumn the trees are undressed and another cycle comes to an end, bringing hope back to me.
  77. Only those who believe reach what seems impossible to those who have no hope.
  78. Even in the most difficult times, hold onto hope and survive any challenge.
  79. Hope in change is the best start for any restart.
  80. Faith and hope guarantee a life full of courage and salvation.
  81. Because tomorrow is uncertain, anything can happen. Even a miracle!
  82. The wonder of life is that tomorrow may be the best day of your entire Life.
  83. The wind always changes direction and one day it will blow in your favor.
  84. The days are battles in which the victory will depend on your focus, your strength and your faith!
  85. As long as I live, I will always believe that a miracle is possible.
  86. If you keep your faith, all the fiery tales will be stories of the past!
  87. If you believe, everything becomes easier to achieve!
  88. Fight as long as you have faith because without it. It will be harder to win.
  89. I have learned that faith is more than believing, it represents full surrender to something stronger.
  90. All the victories of life depend on the faith you carry in your heart.
  91. Losing faith and hope is the first step towards defeat. In difficulties, believe, fight and dream!
  92. Those who rest in the arms of the Lord will surely regain their strength to face tomorrow with hope and joy.
  93. As long as there is hope, there will be the possibility of the dream being realised.
  94. Rejoice in hope, patient in tribulation, persevere in prayer.
  95. It is faith in God that keeps my hope alive.
  96. It is the encounter with God that fear disappears and hope arises.
  97. In prayer I find the deepest hope that exists in my heart.
  98. I’ve suffered many disappointments in my life, but never let them steal my hope.
  99. The book of my life is written sometimes with tears of sadness, sometimes with smiles of hope.
  100. It is in the womb of the future mother that a new hope is born.
  101. My family is the anchor that at all times holds me to happiness and hope.
  102. You are my best half, my best smile, the hope of every morning and the dream of every night. I love you!
  103. I put on the clothes of hope and put on my best smile. Let the party begin!
  104. Have faith in God’s time and hope will never leave your heart.
  105. Do not look at hope and smile at the will to live – this is the reflection of what I am.
  106. Faith is the greatest proof of unshakable hope!
  107. Nobody said it would be easy, but with faith and hope everything will work out!
  108. In every pregnant woman, a new hope for the world.
  109. When you lack luck, motivation or hope remember the power of your strength!
  110. My life is not perfect, but I am happy and I face the future with hope!
  111. Hope will give you wings, and faith will never allow you to lose them.
  112. The most beautiful homage is that which contains longing in the heart and hope in thought.
  113. No matter how hard life gets in my way I will always face them with hope and a lot of faith.
  114. Have faith and hope that the moment of your triumph will still come.
  115. I have chosen to be happy all the time in the hope that life will get tired of trying to make me feel otherwise.
  116. To be optimistic is to be able to see the good in the bad and smile of hope where others despair and give up.
  117. One step in faith and another in hope and life becomes simpler and special.
  118. And the hope of the world lives in the kiss!
  119. There is always a new beginning waiting for us when we do not give up faith and hope.
  120. It was faith and hope that gave me strength to move on and overcome my fears and challenges!
  121. Sometimes when everything seems lost there appears a new friendship to give back hope in life.
  122. Even facing difficulties a little hope can bring the enthusiasm back!
  123. However great the problem may be, you can bet that faith and hope will help solve it!
  124. An infinite hope will grow in your heart if you cultivate a little faith in it.
  125. With faith everything becomes possible and with hope the waiting becomes easier.
  126. Positivity is the ability to face the difficulties of face raised and hope in the heart.
  127. A friendship like ours is proof that the world remains a place of hope. I love you, friend!
  128. Keep faith and focus on hope to turn challenges into expired trials!
  129. When faith and hope are synchronised there is no danger that assaults them!
  130. Love is the hope of peace and the ideal weapon against war.
  131. Faith in the heart and hope in thought and everything that is difficult becomes easy.
  132. With a heart full of faith and hope all obstacles will be overcome.
  133. When a child gets along with the hope and joy of living.
  134. In faith and hope they live true peace and happiness.

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