Our KAMCHATKA trips originate in Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka. 

You fly out of Anchorage on Yakutia Airlines direct to Petropavlovsk Kamchatka. Trips run Monday to Monday from Anchorage. During 2018 the first flight is July 17 and the last flight is September 4. There are 8 trips : July 16-23, July 23-30, July 30-August 6, Aug 5-13,  Aug 13-20, Aug 29-27 and Aug 27– Sept. 3.

Sunday: Arrive in Anchorage. Spend the night. Monday at 7:30 am depart Anchorage. Arrive in Petropavlovsk Tuesday four hours later at 8:00 am after crossing the dateline. Get your bags and clear customs. We helicopter to the river and get fishing right away weather permitting. We’re on the river on our adventure! Monday: On the last day you can fish till the helicopter gets there. As the chopper sets down in our final camp, you will have experienced the trip of a lifetime in Kamchatka! Helicopter back to Petropavlovsk. Your flight home is at 9:30 pm and you arrive 4 hours later back in Anchorage at 5:50 am Monday the same day, Monday after crossing the International Date Line.

We meet you in Petropavlovsk at the airport just outside of Russian Customs. We load up in a bus and drive to the heliport and fly by helicopter to the river. We loan you our waterproof bags for your gear in Kamchatka at the heliport. All of the helicopter flights are included in your trips price. $6850.

Trip insurance is required in Kamchatka. You can buy it direct from Travel Guard or anyone else you choose. This can include medical insurance, trip cancellation insurance and emergency medical transportation in case of a medical emergency.  The best way is to sign up with us at the time you book your trip. This is because the coverage is more extensive and costs less if you purchase your insurance within 15 days of your initial deposit to us or airline reservation.  An application is enclosed for you to examine in our fishing information package you receive when you sign up.  If you would like trip insurance give call Travel Guard direct  at 1-800-826-1300. Or you can buy trip insurance from from another company through Red Star Travel. Our movable camps are the most comfortable in Kamchatka, and allow us to float any section of river we choose. We take our time fishing every hole, cover any distance of a river, wherever the fishing is hot. We are not on a timeline with specific long distances to float throughout our trip. Sometimes when the fishing is really hot we don’t travel very far in a day. Why leave good fishing to go find fishing? If it’s a little slow up river we can easily travel quickly down stream to more productive waters. This flexibility is why so many of our guests are repeat clients.

Our huge cook tents, allows the whole group to sit around a table for meals and share their fishing stories. We have three hot delicious meals a day prepared by our own personal chef. Our authentic Russian meals, are an experience that not only delights your taste buds, but adds to the Russian experience. We have the best food in Kamchatka on any fishing trips. Our guests have told us that after visiting the other outfitters in Kamchatka.

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No Russian meal is complete without beer and vodka, and if you have room a choice of chocolates and goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth. Fresh red caviar is made on the river for you. Our roomy four man tents , for two people, or two man tents for a single person and extra thick mats, give you the added comfort after a hard day fishing. Our hard working guides, will make sure your float fishing trip is excellent in every way. Float trips give you the most adventurous, the best fishing, and most memorable and overall enjoyable Russian experiences. Kamchatka King Salmon arrive in late may  and run through mid July. Silvers come in August and run through October. Chum Salmon run July through October. Sockeye salmon arrive in July and August. Pink salmon run August through September. Arctic Char and therare East Siberian Char (Khundza, pronounced Kunja ) are great fighters and can be caught from August on. They can be very big! Rainbow trout can be caught all summer but the best time is August and September.


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