Install WhatsApp On Tablets/PC Without SIM (Mobile Number)

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application. One can send text messages, images, videos and audio messages to other WhatsApp users. But to use this app, you need to verify your mobile number. When you install WhatsApp on your phone, it sends a verification code via SMS to your contact number. You need to enter that verification code in the application to start using it.

But what if you don’t have any SIM or mobile number to verify your WhatsApp account? You might be installing WhatsApp on a tablet or a PC and you might not have a Phone number where you could receive verification code from WhatsApp. Well, here is the solution to that problem. In this post, I’ll teach you how you can receive a verification SMS from WhatsApp or any other such service without providing your own mobile phone number. Read ahead to find out:

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There are many online websites which provides you with a mobile number, which you can enter in WhatsApp as your own number and receive the confirmation code on that number. Thus you can verify the WhatsApp or other similar services without having a SIM or mobile phone. Here are some of my favorite sites which provide you a free mobile number.

install whatsapp without sim mobile number – is a German site but it provides mobile numbers for many countries such as Germany, Sweden, UK, USA and more. They let you choose from multiple phone numbers. Just choose the one from the list to activate your WhatsApp. Their service is free to use. – also let you receive SMS online. They have phone numbers of multiple countries like Hungary, USA, UK etc. Just select your phone number and start receiving messages. – It is another useful and easy to use receive SMS online website. Just select your number from the list and you are ready to go. Refresh the page to see new messages after selecting your number.

So, these are the three of my favorite sites to receive SMS online and verify WhatsApp and other similar services. The only limitation is that many people are using these numbers, so it could be possible that the number you select from the list is already used for WhatsApp or any other application that you wanted to activate. Some apps or sites allow only one account per number. So, you’ll need to try few times to find the number that has not been already used for that particular service. I’ll add more sites to this list so you have new numbers. Stay connected!

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