Install WhatsApp on iPad (iOS 9 or later Without Jailbreak)

In this tutorial, we’ll introduce a method to install WhatsApp

on iPad. This will work fine for any iPad or iPad Mini model and it will sync with WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

To Install WhatsApp on iPad you’ll need: an iPhone or Android device (yes it sounds strange but will also work with an android device).

That’s because we’ll use the official WhatsApp Web Service to install WhatsApp on iPad device.

If you have your iPhone or Android with last WhatsApp version installed (last WhatsApp for iPhone or WhatsApp Android installed) check the next instructions to install it also on your iPad.

Step 1: Open Safari on your iPad and go open this url:

Step 2: Now you may tap the Safari “reload page” button and hold during a couple of seconds (look at the url bar or check the next image).

Step 3: After holding the reload button for some seconds, a new button will appear on the screen (as the next image shows). Tap “Request Desktop Site” button.

Step 3: Now WhatsApp Web on your iPad will request you to use your phone (iPhone or Android) to scan the QR code in the iPad screen.

If you are using an iPhone, go to: “WhatsApp” > “Settings” > “WhatsApp Web“> “Scan QR Code“.

If you are using Android, go to: “WhatsApp” > “Menu” > “WhatsApp Web” > “Scan QR Code“.

That’s all. Now you can use WhatsApp on your iPad an it will be synced with your phone.

Update: now you can also use BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40, Nokia S60 and Windows Phone instead of iPhone or Android.

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